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One of our main goals in homeschooling is to raise self-sufficient human beings. This is not to say that we want them to be independent because we rather for them to be interdependent. We just want them to have skills that will allow them to be successful in running a home, contributing to their community, and fulfilling their life's purpose. If God allows it, we will be there to assist them even in adulthood, our interdependence on one another will not end at the magical age of eighteen or twenty-one. Our prayers is always that we remain a close-knit family that will grow, learn, and build together. 

Baking & Cooking
Blog: Apple Pie
Download: Apple Cranberry Crisp & Cranberry Relish
Blog: Apple Cranberry Crisp 
Blog: Chicken Pot Pie & Cookies
Blog: Cupcakes, Eid Cupcakes
Blog: Gingerbread Masjid
Blog: Muffins , Muffins
Blog: Pizza Shapes- Princess Crown, Heart, Dolphin
Blog: Playdough
Blog: Pop Popcorn

Blog: Planting Tulips & Bird Seed Feeder
Blog: Gardening Recap 2012
Blog: Gardening & Grilling
Blog: Seed to Plant

Blog: Garden Challenge Update

Staying Fit & Active
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Blog: BalletBallet , BalletBallet
Blog: Baseball, Baseball & Football, Baseball
Blog: Food Chart
Blog: Gymnastics
Blog: Importance of Play
Blog: Snow boarding
Blog: Rollerskating
Blog: Running Club

Character Development
Blog: The Goodie Jar
Blog: Big Sister Responsibility
Blog: Good Neighbors
Blog: I am Grateful

Blog: Scouts

Building & Home Maintenance
Blog: Bridges
Blog: Home Maintenance

Living GREEN
Blog: Tree Hugger

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