Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baking Apple Pie with Love ♥

We love Baking with Love ♥ and apple pie says love in the most American way!

We used this recipe from and changed it up a little adding more Vanilla bean, using organic ingredients, etc. However, over all it was a great recipe and we ate it up in one setting. Next time, we will definitely have to bake two or three pies at a time, it really was that good.

Lil A started by grating butter for the crust

while Big A was peeling the apples.

Our family loves ♥ roses! Humble dad's Grandpa grew many variety of roses in his yard in Yuba City, California and Humble dad would help his Grandpa when he was young. As a young man he also helped his mom and aunt with the roses in their garden and his other aunt runs a Nursery with his cousins. When I was a fourth grade teacher many moons ago, Humble dad would bring me a bouquet of roses usually from the garden he planted at his mother's house. We also planted two of our Beloveds placentas under a rosebush. For the Muslim mystic the rose is an essential part of healing and closeness with our Creator. Therefore, any chance I get (even in baking) I bring out roses in style, design, and flavor.
Arranging the apples like a fully bloomed rose.

Now it's time to get ready for dinner with our Homeschool dry erase board doubling as the Menu Board.

Our baking bowls fully washed and put away before dinner begins.

She's ready to eat, hurry up family, & stop taking pictures, lol.
♥ ya'll

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  1. Wow, it all looks so cool. Glad I got to experience the end result in person, rather than just look at the pictures. When are we doing this again?

  2. What a lovely meal ... and how great that your daughter had an important role in preparing it! Your home looks wonderful. I love your shelf with the bowls and pasta ... so organized and attractive. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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