Monday, October 31, 2011

The Beginning of the Ancients- 10000 to 3100

I wanted easy timeline cards that I could print and take with us to Chattanooga to work with our Timeline. I remember seeing really cute ones on Satori Smiles. I knew I would have to make some adjustment to the cards like add a few dates that represented more countries than Iraq, Egypt, Greece, & Italy. We all know about Mesopotamia,  Ancient Egypt, the Greeks and Romans, but many of us don't know about Catal Hüyük  for instance. Then it slipped my mind that although, Muslim & Christians have similar beliefs when it comes to God Creation, we have a different view when it comes to when civilization began. I must say the similarities are the most important, we both believe that man started in paradise with Adam, not apes and the world didn't just happened, it was Masterfully Planned.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Circles & Stars- Multiplication

Islamic Architecture has beautiful geometrical patterns throughout it. It uplifts the spirits and points to supreme mathematical intelligence of God throughout all creation. Circles & Stars are two geometric shapes that are often repeated.
From Islamic Pattern Website

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

History Time Line and Number Line

I wanted my blessings to study each country thoroughly, so I created a Fundamental of Human Needs Chart for them. However, I still needed a mechanism for my older children: Big A and S Man to understand the history of each country in a chronological order. A traditional paper timeline provides this opportunity, however due to space constraints it is more difficult to compare countries. A manipulative Montessori timeline can be successful at allowing children to see more than one country's history simultaneously. We often learn what was happening in Spain and England separately then what was happening in Nigeria and Costa Rica, although both the latter countries were greatly affected by the former, therefore, it is imperative to see date and events simultaneously. It will not correct history but it should give my Blessings a sense that all people are important, all history is important, and more importantly they will learn the importance of accuracy and upholding the truth.

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