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Arabic Vocabulary

After learning the Arabic letters, we can learn how to write words. If you have not visited our post on Arabic letters, please do so now as it has the information about the Movable Arabic letter cards.

Before I share my free resources, a very good resource that we use comes from Smart Ark. They have beautiful vocabulary cards that shows an original picture, the English word, the Arabic word, and the Transliteration. This is ideal for the English learner.

Many people want to share their free Arabic learning material, but unless you have a tutor who is Arabic speaker they are no use to me. I am learning Arabic with my children and I have not found any program that is good for me as an English speaker trying to teach my children. Therefore, I am attempting to make my own. My children take Quran classes and learn how to read Arabic there, however they don't know what they are reading in English which to me is not a complete approach. So we are supplementing at home with the language. I feel even if my pronunciation is off, that can be easily corrected with an Arabic speaker. Big A has taken the initiative to ask an Arabic speaking friend to help her with pronunciation.

Our vocabulary lessons are a three step process.


We have made our Arabic cards with color coded letters, so that the child can have a built in self check system to make sure the word is spelled correctly.

So for Fish or Samakah in Arabic, you would look at the initial word cards and find a Seen.

If you are having trouble figuring out which letter is the initial letter, a matching card can help you out.

Then you can add a  middle Meem, use the colors to verify that you have the right letter.

Then a middle Kaaf

Lastly an ending Taa'marbuuTa

Again use the color and Arabic on bottom of picture cards to check work.

Use Smart Ark  Cards with our Movable Arabic Alphabet

Another Great Resource for More Vocabulary Words


Use our Free Vocabulary Pages to write the Arabic Letter

3) Review the Words

There are many ways to review the words, but my favorite are using them everyday in proper context.

Can I have some haleeb, please? haleeb is the word they learned for milk.

Mommy, can you help me put on my qamees? qamees is the word they learned for shirt.

Ask them to repeat the word in Arabic if they ask you a question with a word they have learned.

I also like writing sentences. I created a free worksheet for that also. Do you have a favorite way to learn Arabic? Leave a comment and share your wisdom. 

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  1. Wonderful job. Very nice curriculum being developed here. Ma' shaAllah.

  2. If you teach the letters with the vowels, then the pronunciation is much easier. With having the transliteration on the same side or near the words, how do you know if the students are reading the Arabic words or the transliteration?

  3. Asalaam alaikum. I really love what you have done here. I see it has been a few years since this was posted. The links for the download do not work, but if you are still active and are still sharing the resources you created, please let me know!


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