Friday, August 26, 2011

Math- Expanded Form

Z man is working on Expanded form on the bed. Yes, we homeschool everywhere! Montessori Materials used to have the number cards for free, I think I downloaded mine in 2004 when Big A was a tot. However, now they charge $2.50. I like their number cards they have both the standard and the miniature version. It is just incomplete for the Expanded form exercise we were working on. So I printed a couple of  "+" signs large and small in gold. I laminated it all, and put the small version in a 3-part card folder. Both the folder and the number signs are available for download here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundamental Needs of Human

Making this Fundamental Needs of Human Chart was a labor of love. I really like the concept that humans have fundamental needs that are the same no matter where you go or what century in time you are in. These fundamental needs do not change due to social, political, or economical status, the only difference is the style or type of the needs. We all need food, but depending on where we live the style or type of food will change. We all need shelter, but the type of shelter will depend on our social, economical, or geographical status. To deny any human one of these fundamental needs is oppressive and inhumane.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moon- 3 part card, book, & FUN!

We are having fun learning about the moon and it's phases. I created a couple of printables just for the occasion. They have more professional ones at Montessori Print Shop, but why pay if you can make them for free. I store my 3 part cards in a folder that is included in the printable, the idea came from here. Office Max mini sorter works well with my folder, the label fits perfectly with it.
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