Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundamental Needs of Human

Making this Fundamental Needs of Human Chart was a labor of love. I really like the concept that humans have fundamental needs that are the same no matter where you go or what century in time you are in. These fundamental needs do not change due to social, political, or economical status, the only difference is the style or type of the needs. We all need food, but depending on where we live the style or type of food will change. We all need shelter, but the type of shelter will depend on our social, economical, or geographical status. To deny any human one of these fundamental needs is oppressive and inhumane.

The basic concept was to create a chart that my children could identify as Muslims. Most charts did not represent us culturally, socially, religiously, or otherwise. For example one chart had "Money" as a fundamental need, it was not on the original Montessori chart and there are people who can live sustainable without money.  Moreover, bartering was the first form of payment, a system some people all over the world still use and many more people would like to return to. More importantly your material needs should come from things God provides for you, not some monetary system who sets the value of the paper. Therefore, I added things that did  represent us such as a solar power boat, camels, and our Religious symbol and culture. * I had plans to change the defense category before my hard drive fail. I also was working on making a universal spiritual cards that included the 3 Abrahamic religions.
Download here

The 3 part cards can be used in multiple ways including how we study a country. As we read through a reference book about a country, we place each card in the book as a bookmark to that particular topic.

I wanted my children  to be able to write a report on each country using the outline of the Fundamental Needs. I created an outline for Big A, a country fact sheet for S Man, and a simplified fact sheet for Z man where he can draw most of the items. Big A was having a hard time picking a topic, so she does the country fact sheet also and then from there she does an outline and writes a formal 1-2 page report on that topic.

Simplified Fact Sheet for Z Man


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