Monday, August 29, 2011

Allah in Africa

Link to Coloring Sheet

Our current Islamic Studies Curriculum is Iqra's My Little Book of Caring & Sharing. I have used this book a couple of times in different settings & I love it! It is simple, well organized, & educational.
It is the perfect book to learn about Sadaqa or alms giving. It was also the perfect book to use in conjunction with studying the drought in the horn of Africa. The people their need our prayers & our money. Many people in the US will say that we are not rich and don't have anything to spare, however, my Z Man (7years old) quickly went to get his box of change to send to Somalia. We may have spare change, we may decide not to get that latte for a month, any amount no matter how small can make a difference.
So what about praying for Somalia, Ethiopia & Kenya? Yes, prayer is much needed, even a smile is an act of charity. So as we stand up in Salat in the middle of the night, please make those special duas(prayers) for Africa. We also wanted to remember Allah in Africa, visualizing God sending His Guidance, Provision & Mercy. Ya Hadi, Ya Razzaq, Ya Rahim. Thanks to generosity of Suhail Bin Ahmed, I was able to turn his painting into a coloring (painting) sheet to share with you. Enjoy & Pray.

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