Thursday, December 1, 2011

Geometric Shapes & Shelf

Out of all of the traditional Montessori work, after the long Division work, the Geometric Shape Insets is my favorite. I used to love working with color pencils as a child, making all the beautiful patterns. I thought the price to buy one would not be in the budget so I didn't give them much thought until I saw this post. Her DIY Geometric shapes were beautiful and I attempted to make some, but I did not have the right cutting tool. My shapes were not geometrical. But you know what, Lil A likes them anyway and it gets the job done. We just won't be creating any exact geometric patterns with it. However, I am satisfied with the way the shelf turned out and guess what? It was super easy, no nailing or screwing, I just used my handy dandy super glue gun!

The man at Lowe's cut a piece of wood into 4 pieces about 5 1/2" width.
The length of mine is 24"
I hot glued wooden square dowels to serve as the ledge.

Africa Continent Box

Our Beloved Aunt S recently went to Zimbabwe & South Africa on a fantastical adventure that included trekking the Kalahari desert, swimming the Zambezi river and almost peeking her head over Victoria Falls. Her husband, Uncle B did in fact peek his head over the edge. She posted the video on facebook, it was Awesome! Note to Self: I must start teaching my Beloveds about God's Magnificent Creations (or the Natural Wonders of the Earth)

Well, Aunt S sent a box of wonderful souvenirs from her travels and I thought this would be a perfect start for our African Continent Box.
Aunt S sent two dolls, a lion, two dollies, currency souvenir, three pencils, three bracelets
two puzzles, and a T-shirt (not pictured). I ordered the African Village sticker book from Amazon.

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