Thursday, February 7, 2013

Arabic Letters

I am publicly releasing our Arabic Letters and Arabic Vocabulary pages. This has been an extremely hard project for me because I am not an Arabic speaker, I have never taken a class, and learning new languages has never come easy for me like it did for my mother who is fluent in Italian, and has working knowledge of the other Romance languages.

My Beloveds do have a desire to learn Arabic, they want to know what they are reading in Quran class where they are only memorizing. I have Rosetta Stone, but there is still something very weird about learning through technology. It's like the difference of eating a slice of Pizza and a mango (input your favorite fruit here, this is mine  ), yes they both satisfy your hunger but only one truly organically nourishes you. We are still human with the need for real human connections, technology can not replace that, but using it as a supplement can be beneficial.

Learning Arabic, like many languages begin with an alphabet. Like ABC, Alif, Ba, Ta are the first three letters in Arabic.

We used Almah's Journey Arabic cards to play a memory game.

I am very grateful for her cards, they are beautifully made and they are free. However, what about the parent who does not know Arabic like myself, how can one play this game and teach their child. This is how the idea of making two sets of cards was developed, one that only had the Arabic letter and the other with the Arabic letter and transliteration. I taught myself and Lil A Arabic at the same time!

I used the same template that I made our ABC of the Quran chart with, so that it could also be used as wall art.

The wonderful thing about these cards are the ability to manipulate them. Maria Montessori called them a movable alphabet, well here is our movable Arabic alphabet.

What do you do with an Arabic Alphabet? Well you begin to spell words, of course. However, we will save that for the Arabic Vocabulary post. Before spelling the words, we can learn the beginning sound of words.

ALIF is for AZHAR (flower)

 I also created Arabic playdough cards to help Lil A learn the fun way. The idea came from one of my favorite blogs': Homeschooling Muslimah Mommy. We laminated the cards so that we could use them over and over again with playdough. Using a dry erase marker to color the laminate works great also!

I printed off a set in color to paint with puffy paint. Both the puffy paint and yummy smelling kool-aid playdough directions can be found here.

Everything I make is completely free to use. We also accept and appreciate constructive criticism, please leave a comment. ♥ If you find our resources beneficial, Alhumdulillah, All praises are due to our Creator. The best gift we can receive from you are your du’as, prayers for our family. May God bless you and give you Tawfiq, success in your work to educate pious children. Using the Amazon affiliate links will give us a small commission to help support this blog. 
With all my love & du’as,
Kamilah Munirah Sayyidi 

 Download the Free Printable

Arabic Letters

Playdough & Puffy Paint

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  1. Masha Allah, glad to hear it was very useful for you. Jazakallah for linking the blog :)

  2. You always have great creative works! My kids haven't been introduced to the Arabic Language but thanks to you they will be able to now. This is amazing and wonderful follow up work to the Story of Writing.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!


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