Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Legos- Z man loves them.

This has been the most expensive toy(s) we have bought our children, overall. The cost is never ending which I am not proud at all to say. I would much rather tell you a story about my children inventing things out of branches and items they can find freely around nature. However, the truth of the matter is Z man is a lego junkie and shamely we support his habit. Don't get me wrong, he will invent things out of twigs also but he loves his legos and ask for a new set weekly. So this post will be an update of all my beloved Z man Lego inventions as well as items my other beloveds made with Legos.

A Visit to Legoland, Chicago
August 2, 2011
August 30, 2011
Eid Mubarak!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak- Cupcakes & Goodie Bags

Little Hands Love Little Bags, get it here!


May you have a Blessed Eid!
My Beloved Children & I made cupcakes, not from scratch, but it's Organics. They turned out pretty nice, I can't wait till the moon is sighted to eat them!!!  As you probably could tell from the pics, it is hot and the frosting is melting. . . or maybe I added too much liquid. Oh well, I don't plan to join the Cake Boss team. . . just trying to make Eid special for my family.

I wanted to share my new printable for the goodie bags. I printed them on plain white paper, however,  next time I will experiment with more color & texture. These simple to make bags can also be used for collecting things. I will use them for ABC of the Quran to collect things around the house that begin with the letter we are on. I took the idea from a bag used to collect nature items on a nature walk. There are so many different possibilities to use these bags for and little hands love little bags. . . did I mention how easy they are to make?

I used Smart Ark free printables to create the cupcake wrappers & toppers. What a great new resource!

I have loved Barakah Life since 2000, (I'm not sure if she named it that back then), but I loved going to any function that Barakah Life was putting on, especially EID at Zaytuna! She would make it so enchanting, it was definitely a spiritual Wonderland filled with wonderful memories. I am excited that she has a website where she shares her creations, giving us the ability to recreate some of those memories at home. She also has downloads, and I used her stickers on our goodie bags.


Gum drops from Trader Joes, Cake Mix from Whole Foods

Big A and the other children putting in work!

4 cupcakes for my 4 Beloveds!

Barakah Life in Green

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Math- Expanded Form

Z man is working on Expanded form on the bed. Yes, we homeschool everywhere! Montessori Materials used to have the number cards for free, I think I downloaded mine in 2004 when Big A was a tot. However, now they charge $2.50. I like their number cards they have both the standard and the miniature version. It is just incomplete for the Expanded form exercise we were working on. So I printed a couple of  "+" signs large and small in gold. I laminated it all, and put the small version in a 3-part card folder. Both the folder and the number signs are available for download here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creating a Board Game.

My children are busting over with Creativity. Homeschooling gives them the time and resources to let their creative juices flow.
The product this time was a Board Game: Pirate Quest.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Montessori- Salad Tongs

A simple skill to learn, however I see adults still struggling to use salad tongs. So why not have fun with it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Family Circle - floor time

Geography Lesson
We spend our family time in the morning usually on the floor. Somebody may use the couch, but I personally like being near the earth. We may also go outside and incorporate a nature walk, however primarily our morning time is on the floor.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundamental Needs of Human

Making this Fundamental Needs of Human Chart was a labor of love. I really like the concept that humans have fundamental needs that are the same no matter where you go or what century in time you are in. These fundamental needs do not change due to social, political, or economical status, the only difference is the style or type of the needs. We all need food, but depending on where we live the style or type of food will change. We all need shelter, but the type of shelter will depend on our social, economical, or geographical status. To deny any human one of these fundamental needs is oppressive and inhumane.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Family Circle Calendar- Ramadhan

Along with the Calendar we use the Dryerasable 100 Grid from Lakeshore,
my children write the date, temp, problem of day, skip counting, math facts, etc.
There are five Homeschool blogs that I visit on a regular basis for printables, ideas, and inspiration. I bet you could guess that at least one of the blogs is Montessori (update: my new favorite Montessori blog) and another one would be Islamic. Talibidden Jr. has been around a long time and I still have printables from TJ that I downloaded 9 years ago. May Allah reward her immensely multiplying it ten fold. However, the other 3 are neither Islamic or Montessori, but Secular and Christian. Satori Smiles will make you smile, her pictures are beautiful, her "classroom" areas are amazing, and her learning style is astonishing. She primarily uses a Classical approach inspired by The Well Trained Mind, a book that I have been flexibly following for 8 years. Due to the Secular choice in Curriculum we part ways when it comes to Science, Health, Nature, Art, & Morality and then I run back to TJ or my Christian brethren.

From Seed to Plant

Importing Our Life Blog

Some of Our Life Blog was created when I started to Homeschool again in the Summer of 2009. Although, as the title says it is mostly about Our Life, I did not want to have separate Blogs out there so I decided to combine them. Keep it simple, right? 2010 was an exciting year and we visited many different places, however that was also the year that I found Facebook. Facebook provides that instant gratification, but it wasn't the best option for long term storage. Pictures are easily retrieved on facebook, however your statuses are not and that is the bulk of your communication. Pictures are just the icing.

There were some cute videos that were also imported into this blog from the old one. I want to go down memory lane and add some of the pictures and memories of 2010, so InshaAllah (God Willing) that will happen after I get settled in the new school routine.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pattern Block Designs

Z man is always creating items with his hands, I am always amazed at his new products. I am glad that he can entertain himself. Lil A has started to become more creative with items also. InshaAllah, I will post the latest Pattern Block Designs on this page.

August 13, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moon- 3 part card, book, & FUN!

We are having fun learning about the moon and it's phases. I created a couple of printables just for the occasion. They have more professional ones at Montessori Print Shop, but why pay if you can make them for free. I store my 3 part cards in a folder that is included in the printable, the idea came from here. Office Max mini sorter works well with my folder, the label fits perfectly with it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Twist ties with a twist

Do you recycle your old twist ties, do you reuse them, or do you just throw them away? Maybe you get a little creative like Z man. I love how he can make anything into a toy, he truly is never bored.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan is Here! (Part 2)

Ramadhan has brought so much excitement in our house. Lil A has been singing Ramadhan is here. While we were in Pittsburgh, Uncle H taught the kids a little rhyme "Ramadhan is Coming, Ramadhan is Coming, Ramadhan is Coming, and Shaitan starts Running". Z Man has been singing that non stop for weeks now. Big A & S Man have been helping me decorate, stringing up the Ramadhan Lights. While we listen to Quran, Zain Bhikha and Native Deen our soul has been uplifted by beginning of Ramadhan. Reflection and Fasting is the main challenges of Ramadhan, Imam Khalid Latif explains. May this month be full of Reflection and may God accept your fast. Ameen.

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