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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Muslim Plays for Children

My children and some of their friends want to start their own business, where they write and produce plays for Children. This is a sample of what they started, there was absolutely no parent involvement in the production. They wrote, scheduled practices and edited the play all themselves.

If you are in the Baltimore/DC/Northern Virginia/Philadelphia area and would like for them to perform at your school, business, or home, please contact us here. They are willing to do their play in Urdu.

Introducing Noor Janan Sports

Sports encompasses alot of our time and the pictures include more than my Beloved Noor Janan Children. Therefore, I decided to create a blog just about Sports- Noor Janan Sports. Although, it will contain mostly pictures, I do share my ideas also like on whether or not to play Travel Baseball.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

HCYP Softball- Fall 2012

Big A had a wonderful Fall Season with HCYP Softball league. It was organized, good volunteer coaches, good referees, and a nice team of girls. Although, she did not pitch for the bulk of this season. She was able to pitch in the last game of the season for one inning and struck someone out. However, the truly remarkable thing is she scored the winning run, by sliding into home. 

Eid Surprises

Last Eid, I gave my children money inside a balloon that they spent on themselves. This Eid they wanted their gifts to be a surprise. However, let me tell you that my Beloved children kept trying to sneak a peek in my closet to find out what their gifts were, even though the surprise was their idea!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Full Day- Eid al Adha 2012

We have lived here in Maryland for about 9 months and Humble Dad and I tell each other often doesnt it feel like we've been here longer than that. We have met some wonderful people and those people have made us feel very welcome. One of our friends invited us to join them for their Eid Marathon and when I say marathon, I am not just being dramatic.

The day started with me making last minute hijabs or head scarves, read more about this in Mother-Daughter Eid. Then my family went to the Eid Prayer at the Masjid. Many families go to breakfast at a restaurant after the Eid prayer, however my friend thought it would be nice to do breakfast together in the comforts of a  home environment. We made waffles, omelettes, halal turkey sausages, home potatoes and more.

The kids jumped on moon bouncers, dressed up like super heroes and princesses, and ate bowls of candy.

Mother-Daughter Eid

My wonderful husband, the great humble dad bought me and Big A matching Eid outfits. Although a very thoughtful surprise, my picky taste was baffled on what I should do for a hijab or head scarf. And my busy, 100 things in the oven self waited to the day before Eid to do anything about it. So off to JoAnns at 6pm the night before Eid to find some fabric. I like to dress up and look beautiful, I just don't like to shop and truth be told I don't have great taste in clothing. If it was left up to me, I would have left the store with Victorian Summer Lace fabric that would have made our outfits look rather frumpy and its well into Fall, almost Winter. However, Big A was able to find the perfect blue fabric to go with our dresses. Now that we had settled problem number 1, the second problem boldly sat in front of me. See, I had bought this new sewing machine back in May and had not opened the box. Not only did I not know how to use the new sewing machine, I am not really a seamstress and I pretty much taught myself how to sew on humble dad's German grandmother's old German Pfaff.

The Pfaff is in need of repair, it is very heavy and not portable. It doesn't allow for last minute kitchen table sewing as what was presently required. My new Singer sewing machine was about to be put to the test, and All Praises is due to God I was able to learn to use the machine, sew the lace on to the edge of our hijab and   finish the other edges with my limited skills.

Thanks to East Essence and my Beloved Big A's fabulous fabric pick, we were able to look decent on Eid, Alhumdulilah.

Note: I am so happy and thankful, Alhumdulilah, that we were able to capture a beautiful glimpse of Fall before Hurricane Sandy came and blew many of the leaves away.

I do have two daughters and although she was not matching us, I can not leave her out of this Mother-daughter post. Dressing up on Eid is one of the best parts of the holiday and it's the Sunnah!


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Edible Cells

We began by making a cell out of Halal Jello which is a similar law on food to Kosher. This isn't the brand I normally get, however I thought it would be fun to have green jello for the plant cell and the apple flavored jello was perfect!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Leaf Hunt

The beauty of Fall is all around us, therefore a Leaf Hunt was fitting. We began with three pages all are free, one from my favorite Nature curriculum: Nature Detective out of the UK.

Monday, October 15, 2012

School Girl

Just because Lil A doesn't go to a traditional school, doesn't mean she can get dressed up for Co-op, right? Lil A loves to dress up and she already has her own style, however this style came from Big A. Yes, the big sister did her hair and hooked up her fit or picked out her wardrobe. Any mother would appreciate the help, I am just glad that Big A has taken the initiative to help with her little sister. InshaAllah, these leadership qualities that she develops in the home will go along way in life!

Please, Let Boys be Boys!

One thing that troubles me is an imbalance at the way we approach an injustice. Instead of setting things right, we fight injustices with more injustices. One group of people was persecuted and put in concentration camps then in return they persecute another group of people and put them behind occupied checkpoints. The people, our children whom are getting hit the worse by this false sense of justice are our Boys (whom grow up to be our Men). The idea that girls have been oppressed, so it's the boys turn to suffer is disheartening. Experiencing this attitude is not just hard as a mother of boys, but also as a mother of daughters who wants them to be married to eligible men. This is not about blame, although if the shoe fits, its about lets admit there is a problem and lets work together to fix it. We need wholistic environments where boys are appreciated for their strengths and girls are equally appreciated for their strengths, both is needed to continue society.

And we created you in pairs (of male and female) ~ Quran 78:8

However, lately I have seen alot of injustice when it comes to boys. And as a typical American, I think I was insensitive by the pop culture of my time. I grew up on shows like the Facts of Life, Who's the Boss?, and Mulan where men were denigrated in a sly comedic way. So, I never paid too much attention to it until recently, until my 9 year old says "The girls get away with everything and the boys are always in trouble".

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Softball Snack Bags

Following the tradition of making elaborate snack bags, I wanted to make one for Big A's team before she was too old. Although, not quite that elaborate, I did want to fill it with some fun items and some of Big A's favorite snacks which included Kettle Corn.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lessons from Abraham

One great reason to live in Maryland is the plethora of Scholars in this area, it really is almost too much. I have mixed feelings about it living all over the US. I believe that every community should have at least 1 good Imam which unfortunately many don't. However, I think more is better, just think it took both Umar and Abu Bakr to try to follow in Prophet Muhammad's (Peace Be Upon Him) footsteps. And our Scholars however great they are, are not even an Umar or Abu Bakr, or a Ghazali or a Abu Hanifa. Therefore, gaining from a couple of good scholars in each community would be better. What makes a good scholar, I think the proof is in the pudding, its in the community. We have some good Muslim communities in Maryland, Alhumdulilah, but it saddens me to not see this in other areas. However, I do understand why Muslim all seem to migrate to one area. When you have those numbers you can impact society and make changes, you can have Muslim Mayors and Representatives of State. So as of now, I enjoy the diversity of Scholarship.

One of the Scholars that I have heard about through a Native Deen Song of all places is Imam Johari. You might remember he is the one that promised to take his daughter to the park. Well, he was doing a talk for Hajj on the Lessons from Abraham. His whole talk was recorded and you can listen to it below. However, my favorite part of it was when he said if you want to have a child like Ismael then you need to be a parent like Abraham and if you want to have a parent like Abraham then you need to be a child like Ismael. If you want to have a wife like Hajr, then you need to be a husband like Abraham. You have to be obedient to God, to have family members who will also be obedient to God.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Numbers 1 - 20

We are using our Calendar Numbers, Snap Cubes and Math U See manipulatives to practice numbers 1-20 with Lil A. She made an interesting pattern of topping each tower off with a pink cube!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Travel Baseball

What do you do with a child who loves to play baseball? Do you cough up the big bucks for travel baseball, do you limit an 8 year old boy to a one sport commitment? Z Man did one year of pee wee football and said he just wanted to play baseball. Baseball is his sport. The thing is, I think football gave him a better throwing arm, and I know it trained him as a runner more than baseball ever does. He also had some great African American male coaches, that not only gave him football training, but man training. And let's face it, football is just a much funner sport for the parents to watch. Humble Dad was really disappointed that Z Man did not want to play football in the Fall and that he rather play baseball for two seasons- both Fall and Spring.

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