Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning Sounds

Last year we introduced the ABC's of the Quran letter cards, this year we are going to use our letters to God Willing teach Lil A how to read.

As in the Sound of Music:
 We are going to start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you read you begin with ABC

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A is for Annapolis- Maryland Alphabet

The book is actually called "B is for Blue Crab- A Maryland Alphabet" . These books are beautifully illustrated and they give so many field trip ideas. There is one for every State in the US. I wish I had more followers so we could do a linky party, where different people in different States each tried to go to every place in the book. Although, I don't, I will still attempt to go to every place and keep an ongoing log of that journey.

Here we started with A for Annapolis. I will share my pictures from our fun day in Annapolis on October 5, 2012  then start the Maryland Alphabet List.

A is for Annapolis
is for Blue Crab
is for Eastern Shore
is for Inner Harbor
is for Tubman, Harriet Tubman
is for Camden Yards

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Z Man's Trashcan Snow Man

I wanted to stay in Canada longer, I loved it there. The feeling of safety, while the US news told about shooting upon shootings, and in Canada you can still pump your gas first and pay later. However, Humble Dad wanted to get back to work and it wasn't so bad that we did. Our first snow fall of the season came today and it was beautiful.

~The Snow that God blesses this World with is a sign of His Mercy~

Although beautiful, it would not be fun to drive back in it. So Alhumdulilah- Thank God, for Humble's Dad intuition and strength, he drove from 8pm to 2am to get us home safely.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Road Trip 2012


We took a Road Trip to Toronto. The goal was to attend the RIS Conference (Reviving the Islamic Spirit), however we were able to do many things along the way. Therefore, I will write a separate blog about the RIS conference. I will attempt to share many of things we learned about in this blog post.

Canadian Mosque & Halal Foods

Before going to Canada I contacted HiMy Syed a very interesting man who ran for Mayor of Toronto and did a wonderful blog of 30 Mosque in 30 Days Greater Toronto Area Style. I asked him what would be the best Masjids to see in the little time that we had there. He told me Masjid Khadijah in Mississauga was one to see where he wrote " A turkish brother visiting from Turkey told me directly that it was as good if not better than visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul." Masjid Khadijah or the Sayeda Khadijah Centre is an exquisite infusion of Turkish and Morrocan style in an Industrial building near the airport. From the outside it looks like a warehouse and we wondered if we were in the wrong place. Although, once entering you are instantly transported to a place that shows the best of Islamic Art and Architecture. I can not express how much I loved this place and the Imam- Hamid Slimi of Morocco who showed impeccable hospitality to the traveler, offering to cook us dinner right there in the Masjid which we were told has an industrial size kitchen. We did decline because we had just ate lunch, but this behavior is quite impressive considering that some Masjids you enter, you can barely get Salaams or a Smile of charity.

HiMy also wrote me that the Jami Mosque is a must visit because "being Toronto's Second Official Masjid, is, in my opinion, a must visit simply because it is the "Mother Masjid" for everything else that the Toronto Muslim Community has become." It was a beautiful mosque in the middle of many Upper Middle Class Residential Homes near High Park. The neighborhood alone was very nice and being able to blend among the homes in the middle of the street is astonishing.

I am so grateful to HiMy that I never met in person, however he must of been near me at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) conference because he was able to tape my son singing with Nader Khan. May Allah bring him success in all his future endeavors.

Ok, I know I shouldn't flip out over food the way I do. The Sunnah is to have your stomach be one part food, one part water, and one part air (or one part empty) as the maximum. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf advised at last years RIS conference to only eat meat once a week, because many of us have an unhealthy attitude about food. Many of the sickness and disease are related to food, and my favorite Doctor and Shaykh Husain Sattar has a new talk titled Eat Less, Grow More  where he says so many diseases, like cancer is related to diet.  He talks about Hazrat Aisha the Mother of the Believers commentary "the body becomes unhealthy and overweight" and "the desires to do good deeds decreases" from filling the stomach. In fact, while in Canada I had my Beloved's watch Super Size Me on youtube.

Although not an excuse, but..... Having such a lack of Halal options does make me crave certain things that I was used to eating as a non-Muslim, like Beef and Broccoli, yum! So when you enter a country that has a plethora of Halal options, one does feel like a child in a candy store. All the food carts that we passed downtown going to the RIS conference whether it right in front of the Metro Center or down by City Hall were Halal or had Halal options. In Mississauga, we went to one shopping center that had so many Halal options from an Italian Restaurant, Burger Joint, Sushi Restaurant, Afghan Food, Pakistani Food & Palestinian Food. It also had a Halal Fast food Popeye's in that same strip. I wanted to visit every Restaurant in that strip except the Popeye's (sorry Fried Chicken lovers) and order one thing (the most popular item) on the menu and we would each share and sample the different Restaurant. Great idea, right! Sounded fun to me, however, my family didn't seem to feel me. So we opted to just go to the Italian Halal Restaurant called Kara Mia's. My pasta was yummy, but the rest of the food was not very good. My husband returned his lasagna because it tasted old and made his stomach turn. The children's pasta was not very good also. The pizza was kind of good but it was too expensive for what you get. One nice thing is they don't serve alcohol, but they serve a bunch of drinks that would normally have alcohol in them, like a Margarita, Daiquiri, & Bellini. We ordered a yummy strawberry daiquiri.

I have been craving some good Afghan food for a real long time and Bamiyan Kabob in this plaza was packed with people. It had so many people on Christmas Eve, that there was not a place to sit and it was hard to move around the store. So I had decided that we would come back for lunch Christmas day, where it was still busy at 1pm, but not as busy the day before. MashaAllah, this food was GOOD! We ordered three different Kabobs (shared between the 6 of us) that were all good, but nothing better than the lamb chops or Choppan Kabob that were so juicy. The dinner comes with a delicious rice and salad at about $10, very good and reasonable priced. As everything else was closed on Christmas except the Cinema, most of the Muslim Restaurants in the shopping plaza were opened including Popeye's and it looked like they were getting the customers.

If you don't know about, it is a wonderful tool used to find Halal options in any place in the world. You can look up Restaurants and Grocery stores through There is also a link to Salatomatic, that helps you find Mosques in any place in the world

Winter Road Trip 2012 continues with:
Winter Road Trip 2012
Canadian Mosques & Halal Foods
Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

This blog post is hard for me to write because I have so many mixed feeling about the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference itself. I wanted to be able to sort them out properly. I like to keep things positive on this blog, but my nature is to always stay real. I do not have a poker face, I wear my feelings on my sleeve. However, as I get older I am doing better in controlling my emotions and thinking about things objectively. It is hard to give an honest opinion when you want this conference to continue to grow and be successful. Although there are some things that I do question.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Harriet Tubman

On 12-12-12, I love that date, we did the Finding a Way to Freedom Driving Tour. We were staying on the Eastern Shore with Humble Dad, our first work vacation since we moved to Maryland. Cambridge, MD is a beautiful old city on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baking Apple-Cranberry Crisp with Love ♥

A delicious recipe was shared on facebook group. I have never made anything like it, it was a Cranberry relish. I always did Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce out of a can, so taking a chance to make a Cranberry relish that consist of real whole Cranberries was out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I did, it turned out so well. Then I decided to take the recipe a step further and make a Crisp after Big A said this relish taste like an apple pie.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baltimore County Homeschool Review

Yesterday, I received these flowers and I wrote about how stressed I was about my upcoming reviews.

The review ended up being very simple. Donna Sochurek is the homeschooling specialist for my county and happened to be my reviewer. She had read my blog and already had a list of the books we use printed out from my blog, how cool was that! All of my children passed the review with flying colors, this is what the paper looked like.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WW- Surprise Delivery

Another not so Worldless Wednesday

A little STRESSED about . . .
our Homeschool reviews coming up
Then another Delivery from the UPS guy arrives
A box with beautiful flowers from my BELOVED
Stress has turned into a smile
and my day is BRIGHTER
my workload doesnt seem as hard.

US State Notebook

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Young Muslims

Our local Masjid hosted a Young Muslim Conference. All of us went and enjoyed it. Although, it was more for Big A's age group. S Man was the one who really benefited from the talks. Big A really liked the comedians. I liked the two Omars. Omar Suleiman is a speaker with Al Maghrib and MashaAllah he is really good. He is the only one from Al Maghrib that I could really relate to and listen to besides Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick. He did a talk about how we are all different named "Omar Al Khattab" and it brought me to tears, it touched my heart. While Omar Regan was silly funny and I laughed so hard that I cried. Lil A will tell you her favorite is Baba Ali, little children love him, but he did a nice comedy piece on "Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus" The whole thing was taped and put on youtube already. So I am sharing it below.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Shower ♥

A few of the women in our homeschool co-op are due to have babies this winter. I really loved being pregnant and bringing forth life, the essence of womanhood. Although, we are done having children, I love being a part of new life. May this baby come into the world healthy and have the proper nurturing so that he/she will fulfill his/her life's purpose. ♥

~The Decorations~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sketch Book


The best way to keep track of art is in a sketch book. Even big pieces of art can be put in the sketch book, by capturing a picture of it. Many parents complain about having so many pieces of paper, drawings that have been strewn all over the place or can not fit within a folder. Sketch book is the answer. Although, I do keep a portfolio of my children's art. I also love for them to use their sketch book when learning a lesson, there is something wonderful about being able to put the lesson to art.

Most drawing in the sketch book are done with pencil and color pencil. However, crayon, pastels and even water color works, just protect the other papers of the book with newspaper or plastic while painting.

No matter what the subject is, you can always add art to it.
If you are studying the Native American- you can draw and paint so many Natural landscape scenes, filled with marvelous creatures like Buffalo.
If you are studying Math- there are wonderful sketches that involve geometry, like Islamic Art and other Architecture, Volumes of liquid, Pyramids, etc.
If you just attended a field trip at a Museum, having your child sketch something fascinating from the field trip can help lock it in. Adding mix media, like an actual photograph to the sketch is also a great idea!

Some Sketch ideas:
Self Portrait
Bowl of Fruit
Favorite Toy
Ice Cream
Baseball or other sports equipment
Mosque (Famous ones)
Building- Business

LakeShore Art Portfolio, I use for keeping loose items, each child gets a color tab.

More Cross Curriculum Sketch Book
Sketch Book
El Salvador- World Study

Find more Art supplies in our Amazon Store
Remember don't feel obligated to buy anything, I have not received a penny from Amazon thus far, the store is there for you to get ideas.
Find more Art ideas on our Pinterest Board

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

El Salvador- World Study

We learned about El Salvador through many books, culminating with a famous Salvadorean artist: Fernando Llort. He is so remarkable because of his social service that he has done for his country's people teaching a whole community in La Palma to be self-sufficient through art. They sale many painted items using the techiques and rich colors that Llort is famous for.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Warm & Cool Colors

Warm & Cool Colors is part of what Artist call Color Theory. Awesome Artist . com has wonderful information on this.

We extended are first Color Wheel mixing activity by painting the color wheel. I only gave my Beloveds the three primary colors and they were responsible to create the secondary and tertiary colors.

Then we use this Color Scheme sheet.

After we studied Color Theory, we created these warm and cool art pieces. They first started by drawing stripes on their paper the width of a ruler horizontal then vertically. They could either draw the lines light or erase the lines so that it would not show through the water color. They each drew a simple design that they could paint with either warm or cool colors, making the background the opposite color scheme.

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