Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Beloved Aunt

Dear Aunt Sharon,

We love you. . . Lil A opened up Humble Dad's and my wedding album this morning and it got me thinking about you packing up your home. And all the wonderful memories we shared there, I remember the day Humble Dad brought me to your house for the first time for his birthday.
(picture coming soon)

Then later S Man and Lil A were able to celebrate two of their summer birthdays there.



However, as a young couple with no money, nothing was more appreciated than being able to have our wedding in your backyard. Not just any backyard; the most beautiful, exquisite backyard that displays all the love that you have put in to it.

All Walima/Wedding Pictures were photographed by Uncle Bob (Aunt Sharon's husband)
June 5, 1999

Focus is on the beautiful scenery.

As beautiful as your current home is, it would be nothing without you. . . in fact wherever you are, we want to be . . . whether we are spending time with you here in Maryland

or in Tahoe/Northstar, California

or in Yuba City, California

or in La Quinta, California

The key ingredient is always you! So no matter where you make your new home, we pray that we will be there with you. And that we are always in the position to give back to you a portion of that which you have given us. We love you.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Behavior Chart

Our Behavior Chart took alot from this Chart.
When I first learned about this Behavior Chart a couple of months ago, I wanted to implement it but didn't have the time to create one to suit our family's need. So it was on the back burner... however, after having another bout of nerve pain and extreme fatigue that usually comes during the Winter (I need HOT weather!) that has had me spending many days in bed, I felt it was a good time to tackle this project. Not to mention that a Behavior Chart is needed even more when the mother is sick in bed . . .

I loved the Behavior Chart because it seemed to compliment Islamic principles. The Good Deeds someone does throughout the day should outweigh their Bad Deeds. A child can make it to Awesome Day and then make a bad choice and move down on the chart, but still would not receive a punishment because their Good Choices outweighed their 1- Bad Choice. The thought of moving down in Deeds and being aware that Allah has angels recording our Deeds in the same way becomes an internal motivation to make the child want to quickly move back up to Awesome!

What also sold me on the idea is this post by a fellow blogger:
"A challenge I face with four kiddos under 10 is how to be consistent in behavior rewards and consequences.  In the past I've found great ideas that worked well for a few weeks.  But in the end they all required me to keep track of too much stuff, and when I became overwhelmed, the rewards stopped.
This Behavior Chart has worked for us for a couple of years now because:
  • It's really helped my kids see instant rewards/consequences for their behavior choices
  • It allows them to work towards goals they set
  • The best part is that I don't have to maintain or keep track of anything.  That last benefit is the primary reason the system is still working!  : )

. . . Throughout the day when I see good or poor behavior, all I have to do is say: "Move your clip (up) (down),"and they do all the rest.  Because of the desired goal/prize, they never forget to remind me when they've earned pompoms!  And I love that it frees my mind up for other things. "

Our Behavior Chart is Magnetic because I just love magnets....
I used Printer Magnet Sheets 8.5 x11 and Magnetic Buttons

I laminated the Magnet sheet after printing the Behavior Chart to add more protection from spills or messy fingers ;)

Also included in the free Download is a Behavior Chart that can be written on for the Parent's records.

♥  Download the Free Printable
Behavior Chart

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Organizing & Painting

Our January project has been organizing our homeschool materials. We have been putting our label maker to work alot lately. The art supplies were finished just in time for our Prophet Muhammad, salAllahu alayhu wasalaam Caligraphy art project.

Here are some more labeling we did earlier this month:  THE SPICE JARS using our Brother Label Maker.

Art supplies nicely organized, now we are ready to start painting with our Acrylic paints.

My favorite part of allowing my Beloveds to paint is to see how their personalities come out in their creative work. Each painting is unique just like them. ♥

In between our Prophet Muhammad calligraphy we painted other things on regular paper. It is a good way not to waste paint.

We printed out a stencil from the internet, this allowed this project to be suitable for all ability levels.

S Man loved primary colors and the design looks very African, mashaAllah.

Z Man loves swords and bats and any form of long object used for hitting! So these black swords are very apropo.

Big A's scene is so peaceful and romantic, just like her. ♥

For Lil A, patterns are in everything and are everywhere, as we see here.

They enjoyed this so much, when I woke up, Lil A and S Man were busy painting.

Painting is a perfect thing to do in weather like this. It is a wonderful thing to do anytime, but especially when being outside is a brief occasion.

You might of noticed that Lil A's Muhammad (saw) was backwards, so she wanted to make another one, mashaAllah.

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