Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edible Cells

We began by making a cell out of Halal Jello which is a similar law on food to Kosher. This isn't the brand I normally get, however I thought it would be fun to have green jello for the plant cell and the apple flavored jello was perfect!

We used fruit and candy, I wanted a detailed cell and there just wasn't enough choices of fruit to represent each part of the cell.

I created flags for the cells that are free to download of course. Just fold them in half and glue onto toothpick.  The labels will be written on both sides.

Montessori For Learning have beautiful cards that I will show more in Cell Review.

ABC Teach has great resources to use for learning Plant and Animal Cell.

Someone is happy about learning about cells. If you noticed on the sidebar and from other pics SMan does not usually smile in pictures.

An Edible Cell Should be EATEN!!!

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  1. I love your edible cells. This is the first edible cell I've seen that might get eaten. What a great list of ideas you've included as well.

    Thanks for linking to Science Sunday!

  2. I like the way you did these. We have been studying cells all year. I'm a bit behind in my cell posts, but we recently made some out of jello too, but we did it a bit differently. We used ice cube trays and made different types of human cells in each tray. There were nerve cells, red blood cells, muscle cells and heart muscle cells. They were each a bit different from the others. Here's a link to the cell activities I have posted so far.


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