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Curriculum 2012- 2013

I have made a plan for the 2012-2013 school, but I want to be honest and say that I will probably not stick to the plan very well. I like to live in the moment and no one knows what any moment will exactly bring. However, I do like to: what the Arabs say "tie your camel" or be prepared for whatever might come. Therefore, a detailed plan of the coming school year awaits you below.

Use the Magnifying glass to get a better view. Scroll Up and Down, Left and Right to see the full Curriculum and Book List, plus how the Blank Plan looks that is free to download. You can click right on the link in the spreadsheet and it will take you to Amazon, Christian Bookstore, or another site to learn more about the item or to purchase it.

I am a very visually inclined person, if you couldn't tell already. Each of my children have been given a color since birth pretty much and I use this color to organize their life. These colors are represented in this spreadsheet. Each curriculum choice has a link that you can use to find out where to attain the item. The Spreadsheet includes an uncompleted booklist, God Willing this list will be a work in progress as I want to add literature that has been highly recommended.

I like to keep a paper copy of things, so I don't have to always be on the computer. So my  Curriculum Planner done in EXCEL is printed out and kept in a notebook for easy access. However, I also use a Free Online Program called Skedtrack (above). I can't tell you how much I love it and how easy it makes life. If I forget what my child is supposed to be reading while we are visiting the library (forget: is something I do often), then I can just log onto one of the library computers and look at my book list on Skedtrack, I can also log in the book and hours before I return them. It is also going to be great this year because I have to turn in a book log, attendance, etc. to the school district and all I will have to do is print it out from Skedtrack. Skedtrack has also been really nice this year because there are many saved lesson plans from other users that I can download, which has saved me a great deal of time!

Download the full set of the Weekly Homeschool Assignment Cards here
I really loved these chore cards that I saw on Pinterest. Although I like the idea, I really love my simple "Flying through Chores" chart and it has been working out excellently. The idea did pop into my head that this would be perfect for a weekly homeschool assignment cards. I am never at a loss of ideas, but I must say that I rarely have enough time to do all the things that pop into my head. Prioritizing is something that I have to remind myself over and over again to only do the important things. I came to the decision that these cards were important! It would save me a great deal of time in the future, if my Beloveds use them to check off what they need to do for the day. I am excited about them as they fit on a little book ring that can be transported anywhere and everywhere easily.

I like to save on resources, therefore I cut out the paper and laminate as much
as I can at a time. I was able to laminate all six cards, a bookmark and some
word cards with one lamination page

Laminate the cards and use a wet erase marker to input the information, then erase for the next week.

Above is part of the Calendar I made to use as a cover for the NoorJanan Homeschool Planner

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