Monday, October 31, 2011

The Beginning of the Ancients- 10000 to 3100

I wanted easy timeline cards that I could print and take with us to Chattanooga to work with our Timeline. I remember seeing really cute ones on Satori Smiles. I knew I would have to make some adjustment to the cards like add a few dates that represented more countries than Iraq, Egypt, Greece, & Italy. We all know about Mesopotamia,  Ancient Egypt, the Greeks and Romans, but many of us don't know about Catal Hüyük  for instance. Then it slipped my mind that although, Muslim & Christians have similar beliefs when it comes to God Creation, we have a different view when it comes to when civilization began. I must say the similarities are the most important, we both believe that man started in paradise with Adam, not apes and the world didn't just happened, it was Masterfully Planned.

However, it was the differences that left me perplexed on what to do about dates. Not just the BCE or BC argument, but well do I start with 7000 BC or before. It ended being a longer project than I wanted, but since, I started it I might as well finish it. Plus Z man needs the history lesson because I refuse to spend 7 months on Greek gods for K12. Yes, we are trying out K12 this year with Z man only and so far I don't like it and will probably dis-enroll him before the year is out. Due to me loosing files, I wanted to be more diligent in uploading and sharing files and stop hoarding them to myself, lol. So here is the first of many for the Ancients that cover from 10,000 BCE to 3000 BCE.

Download here.

If you haven't checked out Satori Smiles, do so now! I credit all of this to her and the first person to make the cards. There are many free timeline resources, here are a list to some I found. Have fun learning about this great beautiful world and tread lightly ;-)

Use with our timeline: History Timeline and Number Line

P.S. I forgot to mention that most of my dates came from World History Encyclopedia by Parragon Books UK 2007 and then I double checked with our Friends, Wikipedia and Google.

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  1. hello! Im writting you from Spain,thank you so much for share this resource! Amazing! Could you up the next times? Till our times, please please please!!!!thanks again


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