Wednesday, October 5, 2011

History Time Line and Number Line

I wanted my blessings to study each country thoroughly, so I created a Fundamental of Human Needs Chart for them. However, I still needed a mechanism for my older children: Big A and S Man to understand the history of each country in a chronological order. A traditional paper timeline provides this opportunity, however due to space constraints it is more difficult to compare countries. A manipulative Montessori timeline can be successful at allowing children to see more than one country's history simultaneously. We often learn what was happening in Spain and England separately then what was happening in Nigeria and Costa Rica, although both the latter countries were greatly affected by the former, therefore, it is imperative to see date and events simultaneously. It will not correct history but it should give my Blessings a sense that all people are important, all history is important, and more importantly they will learn the importance of accuracy and upholding the truth.

There is a company whom sells a really nice cloth one for $100, but that was not in the budget. Especially when my laminator could give me a sturdy reusable timeline for much less. I had all of it ready to share with you, but I lost the files, fortunately the timeline part is really easy to recreate yourself. It is just one paper printed out ten times with a line going horizontally and alternating vertical tick marks of Montessori blue and pink. The blue tick mark I cut in  half at the fold line. The end pieces I kept a little larger than the middle papers to serve as a handle, then I decided to decorate it with blue ribbon so that they may represent a tick if needed. I used ribbon as a handle and to attach the paper together. *Update-Timeline only is available for download here.

The labels are a little time consuming, but definitely doable. I made mine in one setting. There are four sets of dates, although only three are shown. Green represents the dates that increase by a single year. Blue represent the dates that increase by a decade (10 years). Red(Pink) represents the dates that increase by century (100 years). While green again is used to represent the dates that millennium (1000 years).
Millennium not shown.

Michaels sold the perfect craft box to hold the dates.

Addition and Subtraction fact practice.
I also made single digit positive and negative numbers to use on the line to assist in math study. It has been an excellent learning tool so far and it did not break the budget. Yeah!


  1. Brilliant! I NEED THIS!! Your timeline turned out beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  2. LOVE the timeline! What a wonderful activity to help kids grasp time! Thanks for sharing!
    I'd love for you to come link up at my Linky Party -

  3. Your timeline is beautiful! I love timelines to tie together unit studies. I'm so sorry you lost the files. I worry about that happening and need to back up my computer more often. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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