Monday, September 26, 2011

Drawing Letters in the Sand

Sand is such a sensual material, it draws children to its boxes and adults to its shores. No one can escape the satisfying feel of sand between the toes. Yes, there are some mothers who complain about the hassle of washing it out of hair, clothes and car seats. . . but these mothers have lost the memory of the excitement they once knew- of getting that first sand castle to flip out of the bucket intact!

Colored sand adds that much more excitement to the experience. I know how excited I get to see the White Sands of Carmel or San Destin! So when I presented Pink Sand to Lil A to draw the first letter of her name, she could not wait to give it a try. Some stragglers :) came around to give it a try also, Big A was one of the first stragglers, but S Man and Z Man could not resist neither. It's no wonder that these Zen Gardens are popular in adult office spaces.

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