Monday, November 21, 2011

Lil A is a Ballerina

I always knew B would have to be for Ballerina. If you have spent any time, I mean any time at all with Lil A you know she loves Ballet more than anything. Everyone at Big A, S Man, and Z Man's baseball/softball games know it, our neighbors know it, every little girl she meets at the park knows it, and we are reminded everyday that she is the Prima Ballerina in this house. She has never taken a lesson, but she talks about having ballet classes on a regular basis. She twirls, she spins, she leaps, she poses. I am not sure of all the technical names for ballet, it has been a long time since I have taken a class and Big A was a gymnast. I don't even know where this love began, but I do know it is there and it is as strong as Z Man's love for Baseball & Math; Big A's love for Gymnastic & Reading; and S Man's love for Statistics, History, & Geography. Don't forget to watch her video at the end of this post!

I also knew that I wanted a marionette or a puppet on strings. I watched Sound of Music at least 100 times growing up and one of my favorite scenes is of "The Lonely Goatherd" Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make an elaborate wooden marionette, so a paper one would have to do. Enchanted Learning had a very nice model, I tweaked it, giving our Ballerina a beautiful olive complexion to match that of our girls, dark hair and eyes and a more Afro-Asiatic head. I added tissue paper for the leotard, skirt and slippers, and embroidery string for the lace on the slippers and hair bun. Lil A loves her ballerina!

Use Dry or Wet Erase Markers
Carisa at 1+1=1 has some awesome printables that we use for our ABC of the Quran adventures. Many of her printables are Christian in nature, however, I am able to use what I need and not print out the things that I don't. She has 33 pages in the Ballerina Tot Pack, and I only used 5 of the pages. It is this way with any site I recommend or use, I do not just visit blogs that are Muslim or Eco Friendly or Montessori. If I did, I would be missing out on a wealth of resources and Carisa offers jewels on her site for free. One of the things I like most about Carisa is that some of the clipart she chooses to use are multi-cultural. This Ballerina pack is no exception and it was alot of fun coloring a ballerina where she writes "color your skin color" and "color your hair color."
The dancing bear is from COAH and the Get Ready for B is
on 1+1+1=1 Tot School

I keep this Ballerina Letter Match and the Arabic Letter
Match  from  A Muslim Child is Born Ramadan Activity Book
in the same folder, so that Big A can practice her letters together.

Printable Paper Dolls has a  Ballerina doll
This is part of our mini unit studies as we go through the alphabet for our ABC of the Quran adventure. Letter B is represented by BoatBallButtonButterflyBallerinaBridgeBrain & the Quran B is for Bird which tells the story of how God showed Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) His Power by using birds.

Each letter will follow a basic format for Lil A's learning that will include the five senses. The visual and touching exercises will include:
ABC of Quran Letter Cards
Drawing Letters in the Sand
Build Playdough Letters
Build Letters using our free printable
Use COAH Letter Collage Sheets
Bingo Dot Markers Letter formation
Build Letter words using our free printable
Wet Erase Marker Practice from 1+1=1

Our hearing activities will include books, books, and more books. We will also use an internet base Sound recording to hear the sounds each word makes. Various Taste & Smell activities will also be included and possibly a Field study that begins with the letter.
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No Time For Flash Cards


  1. I was away from the computer more than normal to spend extra time with my family last week, but I shared your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page last Friday. Great resources - and the video is adorable! Your daughter reminds me of my daughter at that age. My daughter is now 21 and a professional ice dancer ... and she still loves ballet!

  2. That's awesome Deb! I would be interested in knowing more about your daughter's road to becoming a professional ice dancer.


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