Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Challenge Update

We are participating in a Garden Challenge and we first posted about it here: Gardening & Grilling. We've eaten strawberries from our garden and we have plants that have grown from seed. So far so good, however, it has been a challenge to keep up. Weeding is ridiculous in our flower garden, these weeds are Relentless! We have a dead tree and my beloveds have been helping me break off the branches so they don't break off on our cars. They worked so hard, even the neighbor commented on how great my children are as I did not know this:)

 My Lil A was doing more dress up and less gardening, or maybe this is her gardening style!

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  1. Yes you definetly have some hard working children. The strawberries look good too. Thank you for sharing.


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