Saturday, June 18, 2011

GOOD Neighbors are worth more than GOLD.

Bad Neighbors can be a nightmare, but GOOD Neighbors are worth more than GOLD. Mr. Neighbor is Gold and my children adore him. He always ask my children about their day, he fixes things that are broken, he provides a wealth of information, and he is part of our village that this humble homeschool mom needs to help raise her children.

Mr. Neighbor provided our impromptu Science lesson tonight. With Professor Neighbor, some fish that he caught and a knife, my children learned all they need to know about Fish anatomy and how to make a really great dinner!

Mr. Neighbor
Z Man being silly
S Man showing the inside of the fish.
Fish GUTS!
Just in case you were wondering, NO I did not touch it. My boys laughed and got a kick out of watching me squirm and scream when they would come within three feet of me, LOL.

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