Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak- Cupcakes & Goodie Bags

Little Hands Love Little Bags, get it here!


May you have a Blessed Eid!
My Beloved Children & I made cupcakes, not from scratch, but it's Organics. They turned out pretty nice, I can't wait till the moon is sighted to eat them!!!  As you probably could tell from the pics, it is hot and the frosting is melting. . . or maybe I added too much liquid. Oh well, I don't plan to join the Cake Boss team. . . just trying to make Eid special for my family.

I wanted to share my new printable for the goodie bags. I printed them on plain white paper, however,  next time I will experiment with more color & texture. These simple to make bags can also be used for collecting things. I will use them for ABC of the Quran to collect things around the house that begin with the letter we are on. I took the idea from a bag used to collect nature items on a nature walk. There are so many different possibilities to use these bags for and little hands love little bags. . . did I mention how easy they are to make?

I used Smart Ark free printables to create the cupcake wrappers & toppers. What a great new resource!

I have loved Barakah Life since 2000, (I'm not sure if she named it that back then), but I loved going to any function that Barakah Life was putting on, especially EID at Zaytuna! She would make it so enchanting, it was definitely a spiritual Wonderland filled with wonderful memories. I am excited that she has a website where she shares her creations, giving us the ability to recreate some of those memories at home. She also has downloads, and I used her stickers on our goodie bags.


Gum drops from Trader Joes, Cake Mix from Whole Foods

Big A and the other children putting in work!

4 cupcakes for my 4 Beloveds!

Barakah Life in Green

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