Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garden Recap for Spring/Summer 2012

This is our first year gardening with results, we produced alot of tomatoes, All Praises be to God, Alhumdulilah. We also had beans and a couple of strawberries. Our flowers did very well also. I was just surprised to see anything grow at all because I have the opposite of what they call a "green thumb".  Plus we took our Summer Road trip during the month on June, we just had to depend on Maryland doing what it does best: Rain. Although, I love playing (working) in the garden, I heavily depended on my Beloveds to water and care for it. Z Man was our main gardener, Thank you!!! Next Big A and Humble Dad remembered to water when the rest of us failed.

Another remarkable thing about our garden is our plot, it is a small piece of land under the stairs. But we worked it! We also did some container gardening, read the beginning of our gardening adventures here:
Gardening & Grilling
Garden Challenge Update

Our best Seeds came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Our Tomato Cherokee Purple and Bush Bean Blue Lake grew and produced.

We also had another tomato plant that did well, however, I think that came from a seedling from H-Mart.

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