Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Z Man Knows

. . . and you're out!
Z Man first sport was Futball- you know the futball that is played throughout the world that we Americans call soccer. He was 3 years old and had average talent. At age 4, we put him in gymnastics where the first spark of talent started to show, the coach was in awe at his strength and flexibility and asked  if he could start training Z Man for the boys gymnastic team. Gymnastic requires a huge commitment and we didn't want to lock him into to one sport at such a young age. Ever since Z Man started to stand he would pick up a stick, broom, play sword, well anything rod shaped and hit something- so we figured the perfect sport for him is . . . you guessed it: Baseball. We put him in our local TBall during the summer of his fifth year and he loved it!  However, Fall came and the American Football season started and Z Man talent as an Athlete really started to shine. He started both on the offensive and defensive line, with incredible speed and drive. I started to think of him as the famous athlete from my childhood Bo Jackson, who was talented in both football and baseball.

Z Man's Una Bear team had a successful season, making it to the Championship. Although, they lost the championship, Z man gave it all he had and we are extremely grateful to God for blessing him.

Z Man with his trophies.
Una Bears video can be found here.

Z Man and his siblings spent the Spring running & training to compete in a Triathlon, however, due to some setbacks we had to withdraw. You don't want to miss the awesome pictures from their running club at this post.

Now, it's Baseball season and although his team has lost every single game, Z Man has showed extreme talent. His most recent game, they lost 12- 9, but Z Man made 2 Home Runs and scored 3 of the runs for that game. Here is the video for one of the Home Runs. I Love how his big brother, S Man, showed incredible support insisting on using the Flip to catch Z Man's performance for their dad who was away on business. Pay close attention to their brotherly handshake at the end.


  1. Sooo tight. He was running the bases very well. What's up with the kid that tried to run in to him at 2B? I especially loved how S Man gave him an extra fresh handshake at the end, lol. He gave him some fingers, then a pound, then some fingers again, lol. I couldn't really tell for sure, but that was classic. S Man was thinking: "Man, you just earned us a trip to Cici's," lol.

  2. I know, right?! He tried to slow down Z at second base, but there was no slowing Z down, lol.


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