Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gardening & Grilling

Read more about the Garden Challenge here.
We are joining Successful Muslim Homeschool Gardening Challenge! Don't these peas from Successful Muslim Homeschool garden look beautiful? I encourage you to join us in our gardening fun!

We never gardened before and we will mostly do a patio garden because we are renting. We got started by driving about an hour North to pick up some manure. Our children are like typical children and words like "poop" can start a symphony of uncontrollable laughter. What I couldn't believe is how much fun we would have pitch forking horse, sheep, & cow POOP. Telling jokes was only part of the laughter, the overall jovial feeling comes from working- good solid work that we have lost in our artificial environments.

On the way down we stopped at the most child friendly Nursery: Spring Meadow Farms. It had cute little tractors for children to ride and a child-size barn and animals. They sell food, produce, ice cream, & candy. I picked up a couple of flowers to plant from the Nursery.

We came home with our plants and manure ready to start gardening. We are starting small with strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce and of course flowers. Our goal is to have a successful tomato season. I usually do not have a green thumb, but God Willing we will have success this season. Big A has led her siblings in watering the plants regularly which is half the duty of keeping them alive. My Beloveds have already shown that their thumb is greener than mine.


We have had nice weather this winter in Maryland and spring has been starting out nice as well. Therefore
utilizing the deck for schooling will be added to our routine.

After we planted all of our flowers, we decided to have a Hawaiian Luau on our nicely decorated deck. Z Man did most of the grilling, yes we start them young! They also danced and sung the night away.

 I bought a Vitamix to kick start our healthy eating lifestyle, however, we have mostly used it to make delicious fruit smoothies instead of the dark green leafy smoothies that I ought to be drinking.

Lil A insisted on putting a banana in hers.


  1. Mashalah you have a gorgeous patio and those flowers added a nice splash of color! So glad you took the challenge Alhumdulilah. I really enjoyed the pictures of the kids playing at the nursery. They look like they had a blast! Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. AsSalaamu Alaikum Jamila, Thank you for encouraging us to do the challenge! We are having a great time here and I look forward to sharing more.


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