Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Bridge Work

Bridge in front of the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga

Bridges are great projects for future engineers. I am not sure what profession my children will choose, but it is always good to keep your options open and start young!

Our main bridge work came from this book on Bridges.

We had fun making these bridges and doing the experiments.

Trestle bridge complete

Z Man helping Lil A construct her Alphabet.
What a great big brother he is!

Building different paper bridges and testing how much they can hold.

Adding as much weight as the trestle bridge can carry.

Thanks to Humble Dad, we had great support
with his hard back books.

Using an Arch to create a bridge comes from nature.
La Ventana, New Mexico

We also have been around the town checking out different bridges.

This is part of our mini unit studies as we go through the alphabet for our ABC of the Quran adventure. Letter B is represented by BoatBallButtonButterflyBallerinaBridgeBrain & the Quran B is for Bird which tells the story of how God showed Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) His Power by using birds.

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