Thursday, March 15, 2012

Children Bake Muffins Thursdays

We are baking Muffins on Thursday as part of ending our processed food lifestyle, and beginning a whole fresh food lifestyle. I am also working to get more organized in our homeschool which means taking the plunge into menu planning. I wanted my Beloveds to be involved in this new cooking/baking schedule so I originally planned "Muffin Baked Wednesdays". However, due to Jummah on Friday we needed something we could eat quick on Friday and leftover muffins from Wednesdays were dry. Therefore I switched the day to Thursday with leftover Muffins on Friday and that is how "Children Bake Muffins Thursdays" began.

I love Blueberries and our Beloveds love Blueberry muffins, so of course they were our first try. I must say myself they were more than a try, they were a success. They were delicious! My recipe website of choice is We used this Blueberry muffin recipe, leaving out the extra sugar coating. In fact with all recipes that we've made we left out the extra sugar, we just don't need extra sugar to begin a day of studying. We doubled the recipe and ended up eating all 16 in one day, they were just that gooooood.

Lil A adding the ingredients.

Ready for the oven

Big A pops them in the oven

And they rise!

And they are ready!

Look at those blueberries, yummy!

Now that is a serious muffin face, Lil A.
Then we baked carrot muffins, they were the least favorite, but they were still edible. Mind you, I never really baked much of anything from scratch. So trying to lead my Beloveds with skills that are below average is an accomplishment in itself, then when it actually turns out edible: I deserve more than a gold star. Moreover, when it comes out tasting really good, I deserve a trip to the Caribbeans. Well I can dream, while I eat our delicious muffins. 

I Love this Picture because it looks like an old Montessori picture at a Casa de Bambini

Now those carrots look ready for my vitamix, smoothie time! Just kidding, that will have to be another post.

Trying to get carrot laced batter to stay in the cup.

Our finished product.

I was really concerned baking with coconut oil, but I knew I had to do the switch. What good was it to leave processed foods alone and I was using vegetable oil at home to bake. The coconut was interesting, first I was told to melt it to get the right measurements. However, cold ingredients started to solidify the coconut oil which looked like cottage cheese. It didnt matter when it was over, these Apple Cinnamon muffins were a sure hit.
Our New Organic Baking supply arrived from Amazon!

Can you smell the chunk of apples, it is really good!

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