Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Fasting

One of my favorite blogs: A Crafty Arab was selling "I'm Fasting" buttons during Ramadan. I thought wouldn't it be great to make t-shirts that say "I'm Fasting". Michael's was having a sale on t-shirts 2 for $5, so it was on!

We really had alot of fun with this craft. Z Man created a baseball field on his shirt. Big A showed her ♥ for Islam. S Man, the logical thinker, used his blue shirt to represent the Ocean and Sky. My Lil A had so much fun just doing her thing! I even showed my simple artistry with a palm tree on my purple shirt.

Then of course, we wore them to the Masjid to let everyone know: I'm Fasting
Since iftar is at night, of course, we had to use glow in the dark fabric paint also!

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