Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuckahoe & Wye Island

We loved playing disc golf at Tuckahoe State Park. I don't think my Beloveds realized how much  fun it would be because I heard complaining from the ones who usually don't complain about outings. (Of course the homebody will always complain if you take them away from home). But once we were there, they were all into it. I loved playing frisbee as a child so I was sure that I would like it, and the challenge of each Tee makes it that much more fun!

Tuckahoe State Park is near Wye Island. On the way to Wye Island, I was oohing and ahhing about the homes in that area. I ♥ architecture! .

However, once I got to Wye Island, I kept thinking Why oh Why am I here? It's late, they have you track through woods that does not have a marked trail. And with imaginations as large as mine and my children, it felt like we were entering a haunted woods. We were terrified, we were praying and making duas the whole time. When we finally made our way to the clearing or the edge of the island, where we could view another Island - it was nice, but going through the woods on the way back was just as horrifying. We will not do Wye Island without Humble Dad, if they have it on the park list next year
The view from Wye Island.

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