Friday, February 14, 2014

Behavior Chart

Our Behavior Chart took alot from this Chart.
When I first learned about this Behavior Chart a couple of months ago, I wanted to implement it but didn't have the time to create one to suit our family's need. So it was on the back burner... however, after having another bout of nerve pain and extreme fatigue that usually comes during the Winter (I need HOT weather!) that has had me spending many days in bed, I felt it was a good time to tackle this project. Not to mention that a Behavior Chart is needed even more when the mother is sick in bed . . .

I loved the Behavior Chart because it seemed to compliment Islamic principles. The Good Deeds someone does throughout the day should outweigh their Bad Deeds. A child can make it to Awesome Day and then make a bad choice and move down on the chart, but still would not receive a punishment because their Good Choices outweighed their 1- Bad Choice. The thought of moving down in Deeds and being aware that Allah has angels recording our Deeds in the same way becomes an internal motivation to make the child want to quickly move back up to Awesome!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has said, "I have been sent to perfect your conduct"
 (Bukhari and Muslim)
"A fathers' teaching his child good manners is better than giving a bushel of grain (in charity)" (Bukhari)

What also sold me on the idea is this post by a fellow blogger:
"A challenge I face with four kiddos under 10 is how to be consistent in behavior rewards and consequences.  In the past I've found great ideas that worked well for a few weeks.  But in the end they all required me to keep track of too much stuff, and when I became overwhelmed, the rewards stopped.
This Behavior Chart has worked for us for a couple of years now because:
  • It's really helped my kids see instant rewards/consequences for their behavior choices
  • It allows them to work towards goals they set
  • The best part is that I don't have to maintain or keep track of anything.  That last benefit is the primary reason the system is still working!  : )

. . . Throughout the day when I see good or poor behavior, all I have to do is say: "Move your clip (up) (down),"and they do all the rest.  Because of the desired goal/prize, they never forget to remind me when they've earned pompoms!  And I love that it frees my mind up for other things. "

Our Behavior Chart is Magnetic because I just love magnets....
I used Printer Magnet Sheets 8.5 x11 and Magnetic Buttons

I laminated the Magnet sheet after printing the Behavior Chart to add more protection from spills or messy fingers ;)

Also included in the free Download is a Behavior Chart that can be written on for the Parent's records.

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  1. This is a great idea! I love that it is tied to biblical truths. We are Catholic, so our chart would read a little differently, but I am definitely incorporating this soon.


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