Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Beloved Aunt

Dear Aunt Sharon,

We love you. . . Lil A opened up Humble Dad's and my wedding album this morning and it got me thinking about you packing up your home. And all the wonderful memories we shared there, I remember the day Humble Dad brought me to your house for the first time for his birthday.

(picture coming soon)

Then later S Man and Lil A were able to celebrate two of their summer birthdays there.



However, as a young couple with no money, nothing was more appreciated than being able to have our wedding in your backyard. Not just any backyard; the most beautiful, exquisite backyard that displays all the love that you have put in to it.

All Walima/Wedding Pictures were photographed by Uncle Bob (Aunt Sharon's husband)
June 5, 1999

Focus is on the beautiful scenery.

As beautiful as your current home is, it would be nothing without you. . . in fact wherever you are, we want to be . . . whether we are spending time with you here in Maryland

or in Tahoe/Northstar, California

or in Yuba City, California

or in La Quinta, California

The key ingredient is always you! So no matter where you make your new home, we pray that we will be there with you. And that we are always in the position to give back to you a portion of that which you have given us. We love you.

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