Friday, January 24, 2014

Organizing & Painting

Our January project has been organizing our homeschool materials. We have been putting our label maker to work alot lately. The art supplies were finished just in time for our Prophet Muhammad, salAllahu alayhu wasalaam Caligraphy art project.

Here are some more labeling we did earlier this month:  THE SPICE JARS using our Brother Label Maker.

Art supplies nicely organized, now we are ready to start painting with our Acrylic paints.

My favorite part of allowing my Beloveds to paint is to see how their personalities come out in their creative work. Each painting is unique just like them. ♥

In between our Prophet Muhammad calligraphy we painted other things on regular paper. It is a good way not to waste paint.

We printed out a stencil from the internet, this allowed this project to be suitable for all ability levels.

S Man loved primary colors and the design looks very African, mashaAllah.

Z Man loves swords and bats and any form of long object used for hitting! So these black swords are very apropo.

Big A's scene is so peaceful and romantic, just like her. ♥

For Lil A, patterns are in everything and are everywhere, as we see here.

They enjoyed this so much, when I woke up, Lil A and S Man were busy painting.

Painting is a perfect thing to do in weather like this. It is a wonderful thing to do anytime, but especially when being outside is a brief occasion.

You might of noticed that Lil A's Muhammad (saw) was backwards, so she wanted to make another one, mashaAllah.

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  1. Loved them all... Creative bunch of kids, Ma Sha Allah!

    May Allah bless always.


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