Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Lesson on Controlling Anger ♥

Sometimes I just post our thoughts on the Noor Janan facebook page with no plans to make a blog post on it. However, due to it's popularity, I have decided to share it here also for those who do not use facebook. Anger (patience in aggravated situations) is something that I have been working on as well as other diseases of the heart. So this is not coming from a place, of I got it all together . . . it is just one example of a time I was able to control my nafs (ego).

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Are you patient when dealing with your children during the long day? When you feel yourself getting irritated, do you make wudu or take a break for salah?

What about when going in public with your children, do you set a good example for them when in traffic or waiting in line at the store?

I take my Beloveds everywhere. . . if it is a place not appropriate for children, then it is usually not a place appropriate for adults. Part of our children's homeschooling is interacting with people of all ages.

At a recent Islamic event, an auntie wanted me to take Lil A and her friends out of the room. Although, the children were whispering . . . even that bothered her. I didn't argue with her, but I didn't oblige her multiple request either. I just smiled and tried to enjoy the rest of the talk even as my anger was building. Big A was watching for my reactions. I didn't react outwardly, I reacted inwardly and made thikr to Allah to remove the anger.

Masha'Allah, I couldn't believe what transpired next... during the break the auntie came to me in apology for harassing me. She said this event is a "family event" and the Prophet (saw) would have his daughters and grandsons around him. . . she said that our Prophet loved children as well as the Sheikh who was on stage at the time. I didn't have to say anything to her, she said it all. And Big A received and important lesson on anger.

Big A made this paper doll set for Lil A using a lightbox and a laminator.

Part 2:

So today's writing assignment: How would you help the poor if you had unlimited resources?

Lil A's reply: I would give money to the lady in purple, so that she can help all the homeless women and children.

*MashaAllah, Lil A through her play, whispers, & giggles with friends was indeed taking in her surrounding as the lady in purple was none other than Sister Asma Hanif of Muslimat Al Nisaa who spoke about her work helping homeless women and children at the event.

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