Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Memory Work Board

I love our new Memory Work Board! Masha'Allah. It's wonderful to have everything we want to memorize for the week in one place. We had a few bumps in the road in getting started with Classical Conversations. . . like moving to a new State and a broken labtop. However, all Praises is due to God- better late than never.

Classical Conversations has some great facts that they lay out in their curriculum for a child to memorize. Such as Grammar Facts, Math Facts, & Science Facts.  But they have some subjects that do not interest us such as Latin. So we've just replaced them with subjects that do: 99 Names of Allah, Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies, Noor Janan's Children of the World, etc.

Azara is working on her six times tables this week.
A laminator and wet erase markers makes it reusable which I love.

Link { Skip Counting Chart }
Link { Skip Counting Maze }

Each week we add a new fact(s) to the sheet protector and since I already have a template, making the new fact sheet is pretty easy!

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