Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Tribute to the Prophet ♥

We have only been in Michigan for a month and Alhumdulilah, we are already being put to work. We were blessed to help out with a wonderful program: A Tribute to the Prophet. I decided on doing three activities for the children's program. The first activity: Cookie Decorating was a big hit with all the children. My little helper, Azara and I spent two days baking over 100 cookies. Our wonderful cookie cutters are no longer available on Amazon, but they now have these.

The cookie station was definitely the most crowded. We made the frosting ahead of time in pastel colors, two sets of each color. Plates of sprinkles and candy were also set on the table for the children to decorate with.

Our Prophet Sandal activity was another favorite. We used foam that we cut out in different sandal shapes. I again asked my little helper, Azara to try out the craft before we brought it to the program.

I also created a sample for the volunteer babysitters to use when instructing the children.

My friend Sadaf thought of having coloring sheets as a filler activity. This table worked out great, MashaAllah. All the coloring sheets came from different downloads I have stored over the years from the web, except for one. We love to Pray by Amir al-Zubi and Meliha al-Zubi was given to us as a gift from these wonderful illustrators. They run the blog: New Muslim Kids

The third activity I chose did not work out so great, it was one that I found on Pinterest with the Masjid and the tissue paper. Cutting out the Masjid ended up being more time consuming as every window needed to be cut out with an X-acto knife. But Alhumdulilah, all was not lost, all the Masjids that we did cut out ended up being used for another event.

The program also consisted of an art and poetry competition that my Beloveds were able to participate in. I love the idea of an art competition encouraging creativity is something we should do as often as we can. My only problem with competitions like these is parent participation, when the art work is more a show of the parent's creativity than of the child's. This is not fun for the children.

My favorite art work was actually not done by my child. I love the sunset, camel and Kaaba in the piece.

Masha'Allah everything about this program was really great! May Allah bless the organizers. The catered food was yummy! Volunteers signed up to bring different foods of our Prophet that included pumpkin, dates, honey, grapes, melon, cucumber, vinegar, and barley. The cucumber bites I made went extremely quick and I did not get a picture, but here is the recipe. The talks were wonderful, I especially liked the one by Ustadh Taysir the Chaplain of the University of Michigan.

We were also delighted with Nasheeds by Nader Khan. Nader flew in from Toronto and our whole family was very excited to be in his company again.

Zahid sung a Nasheed by Sidi Hamza Perez of the Dhikr Factory. Youtube video: Tribute to the Prophet

What a beautiful night! May Allah bless our teacher, Shaykh Abdul-Karim Yahya, his family and his teachers.

Taken with the most beautiful person I met in Michigan,
 whom technically does not live here.

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