Monday, November 11, 2013

15 Year Anniversary ♥

MashaAllah, I sometimes don't believe we have made it this long. Only through the Grace of God, can I stand in this moment and wish Humble Dad a Happy 15 year Anniversary. And only through the Grace of God can we do something we have never done before, take a vacation together ALONE!

I blogged about our situation already in A Lesson in Patience: how we have never had a honeymoon, so this really was a huge deal for me.

Our 15 year anniversary trip was planned completely by Humble Dad. In fact I didn't even know where we were going. 

We are not the most punctual family, which is wonderful for homeschooling and living a less stressed life. But not so great when it comes to things like making it to the airport on time for our flight. So when Humble Dad and I arrived to the airport, he just dropped me off to check the luggage while he parked the car.

He dropped me off to check the luggage with just a confirmation code, I had no idea where I was going. Imagine the luggage clerk "Are you domestic or international, mam?" I didn't know, so I just shrugged. "You mean, you do not know where you are going" I tried to explain that this was a surprise anniversary trip, but the luggage clerk just shook his head and tried to look up my name in his computer. Then he sent me inside because I was indeed international.

I had to repeat the scenario over again with check-in clerk, she found my ignorance more amusing than the luggage clerk. However, when Humble Dad ran up to the counter after parking the car, she had nothing but big smiles for the "Hubby". She held a secret of his wonderful plan for the next few days of our lives that I still had no clue of. The ticket in my hand said "Atlanta", I boarded the plane to Atlanta our transfer stop anticipating what next?

In Atlanta, we had an hour until we would board our next plane and I was on a mission to find a smoothie. I saw a Jamba Juice stand in the BWI airport, but we were rushing to make our plane so we didn't stop. We walked down the airport looking for a Jamba Juice to no avail, I was about to give up and settle on a Snapple. When Humble Dad heard the sound of a blender, it was a small nook in the airport that I was about to walk on by that sold fresh juices and smoothies. I started my anniversary trip with a Caribbean flavor smoothie.

When we boarded the next plane, I finally learned of our Caribbean Destination, we were headed for Dominican Republic. What a surprise from my Beloved Humble Dad!

The warmth of the air hit me as soon as we got off the plane, and I knew I was in Paradise. Humble Dad rented a car and although, we didn't get to travel as much as we wanted to, it was wonderful because the car gave us the ability to see a more real version of Dominican Republic. Plus we did not get the all inclusive (unlimited alcohol) package and I am so glad we didn't because the first night at our Cap Cana Sanctuary Resort we had the most horrible food. So the car enabled us to find Noah-Seafood Restaurant. The food was so good there, we went back a second day. The food tasted like West Africa, combined with Maryland seafood, combined with all the best of the Caribbean. We had crab cakes, stewed crab, eggplants stuffed with plantains and mozzarella, salmon, and succulent shrimp dishes. 

They also had the best piña colada I have ever had, yummy. Yes, I was filling myself up on tropical non-alcoholic drinks and juices. 

However, the best drink was free and abundant. Coconut water right on the beach, anywhere and anytime you wanted it, I don't believe we pay so much for it here in the US.

Although the food might not have been desirable to us, the resort was magnificent. MashaAllah, Humble Dad picked well. I love architecture especially Moorish-Spanish architecture.

The people were friendly and happy, our room was beautiful, the view was gorgeous. It was a good time to go, it wasn't busy, many times Humble Dad and I were the only one on the beach. . . and the prayer. . .

I must say the best part of our 15 year Anniversary trip to the Dominican Republic was PRAYING. Yes, salah was done outside on our terraza (balcony) for every prayer.

Tahajjud- the night prayer was a wonderful delight to my senses. I felt the warm air, I saw the beautiful dark star-filled night sky, I smelled the Caribbean air, and I heard the Ocean waves crash against the beautiful white sands.

This was the first time we had our passports stamped I pray it is not our last, be it the Will of God.

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  1. mashaAllah, glad I stopped by to see read your journal, it was a very special trip thanks for sharing love.


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