Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scape Park ~ Dominican Republic

Scape Park , a very fun, muy divertido place where we zip lined over the forest, rode dune buggies, and swam in a beautiful blue lagoon. These are the picture that Scape Park took of Humble Dad and I during our adventures in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for our 15 year anniversary.

I love all the comments that people left on facebook about the pictures.
"Lovely couple... May Allah always gives u n ur family mawaddah , sakinah n rahmah.. till jannah is yours in syaa Allah."
"This pictures should be the cover of your next book about how to have an amazing married life!"
"Beautiful !!!"
"I love the way your hijab turned into a cape! Super Muslimah!! ♥ it!!!"
"Looks like you two had an amazing trip, MashaAllah. May Allah give you many more happy years together."
"MashaAllah very sweet pixs!May Allah always preserve your marriage with happiness, blessings, love and health Ameen!"
Ameen. May Allah (God) bless you all for your support, prayers, and beautiful thoughts.

The promo video of Cap Cana, our resort and Scape Park is a nice visual.

Here are additional pictures of the Blue Lagoon, that we took with our iphone.

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum!!!

    Sooo dreamy! This is my absolute number 1 dream.....



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