Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Spring Outing

Saturday is family day. I don't like to schedule anything on Saturdays but prayer. So when we have a beautiful Spring day like it was today,  we can pack up the car with balls, food, and lawn blankets and drive to one of our favorite scenic places.

However, since we just moved to Michigan in October, we don't have very many favorite places yet. Michigan is filled with lakes, not just the Great Lakes that surround this state, but many lakes and ponds all over. We decided to drive to Addison Oaks County Park which has Buhl Lake with a 2.5 mile trail around it.

We walked the trail and stopped frequently to explore. Sometimes skipping rocks or looking through the windows of the rental cabins . . .

 Or to play at the park in the camping area.

What I have noticed from our past trail hikes is everyone in Michigan, says "Hello" as they pass you on the trail. People are mostly very friendly, however, we met two extremely friendly white women at this park.  One of the women said she moved to Michigan in 1977, the year Humble Dad was born, from Maryland. Imagine That! I don't believe in coincidences, rather  Allah (God) is the Best of Planners. ♥ She continued to tell us about all the wonderful places in Michigan there is to hike. We walked and talked with her a distance until the trail split off and she went another way. The other women we met later after we finished eating our lunch. She was very curious about homeschooling and had many questions as her daughter was getting bullied at her local public school.

Our lunch was really simple, I made my mother's favorite shrimp salad. We like to eat it with club crackers. I also filled our cooler with water, fruit and guacamole.

To top off this beautiful day with ice cream was aprapo. Voted one of top places to get ice cream in Michigan, we tried Cook's Farm Dairy.

The scoops were huge, these are all single! I can't even imagine what a double looked like :)

And of course, we had to thank the animals who supplied us with the yummy ice cream. . . and of course Allah, alhumdulilah.

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