Sunday, July 19, 2015

Turkey in America

The grand and beautiful mosque that was recently built has brought a little bit of Turkey to America, well maybe a whole lot bit! The Mosque is exquisite, mashaAllah and for those of us who have never visited the Muslim world, this is the next best thing.

What better way to experience this Beautiful mosque after praying here, of course, but on a RipStik. Zahid took a ride all over this beautiful property, so many great places to practice his skills.

 Every little detail of this mosque was wonderful to study, mashaAllah.

 We visited here twice, today on Eid al Fitr Day 2015 and the first on a Ramadan Night.

The view looking down at Humble Dad, from the Sister's loft.

Shaykh Yahya Rhodus did a short talk that night. Humble Dad was stopped afterwards by an Asian man who said, "I saw you give that talk earlier." Humble Dad chuckled, "that wasn't me." A women told me earlier that same day that she thought Shaykh Yahya was my husband for over a year, and she would go around telling people that I was Shaykh Yahya's wife. My children have also been asked if Shaykh Yahya was their father? All white men look alike, I guess!

Turkish American Mosque is part of our "Local Fave", see more of our local Faves, and inshaAllah it will inspire you to find your own where you are. ♥
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