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World Geography 1 * 1st 16 Countries * Afghanistan-Belarus

This beautiful world we live on has so much to teach us, God placed signs for us throughout this vast planet. From the vegetation to the animals, from the history of the people . . to their culture . . to their foods, there is just so much to learn. Learning about the Geography and History of our World can keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again, so that we don't have to recreate the wheel, but more than that. . . .  it can also teach us how to live in peace and harmony with others and with our environment. 

And of His signs is the creation of the heaven and the earth and the diversity of your languages and colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge.    ~Quran 30:22

I truly love all people and the diversity in our physical features, our clothing, our foods, and our languages. When we visited the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago, I wanted some yummy authentic Dominican food, not the processed resort food. I was amazed at all the beautiful features in the people and their different skin colors that all were gorgeously kissed by the sun. It delighted me that I was able to practice my Spanish and I  really wanted to stay longer so that I could become fluent. This love of all people is something I wanted to pass on to my children, so I have created a Geography curriculum inspired by this wonderful book Children of the World by photographer Anthony Asael.

Watch the Introduction Video

There are two levels of Notebooking, Level One for Azara and her friends that focuses on the Country and the Continent. The Children of the World Notebook ask for information that can directly be taken from the book or the Children of the World Stamp Cards that I created.

While Level Two gives the older child the challenge in our Country Study Notebook to do more research on the Government, the Currency, the Climate and much more.

We begin by using the map of the world to pin our Stamp Cards to, discovering where each country is located. This can also be reviewed many times adding new cards with each country studied to get a great visual on how diverse and similar we are.

The Montessori technique of creating self correcting materials can be found in the felt world and Stamp Cards extension. Azara tries to match each stamp with the right continent.

Our Beloved then looks at the back to see if she is correct as the continent shape and color should match.

We also utilize our Math skills in the Food and Sports of the World Graph. Flag stickers from Amazon were used for the Children of the World Notebook Graph. We used our Stamp Cards for the Big Graph.

The Graph can easily be interchanged between the Food and Sports of the World banner. I just made one poster board with blue lines that I use for both graphings, moving the Stamp Cards to the appropriate column.

We have been trying to study two countries a week, each week meeting up with other homeschoolers to share a fun fact or a recipe dish from the current countries.  Please join us on this fun expedition around the World, by downloading your very own Level One-Children of the World Notebook or Level Two- Country Study Notebook. List 1- the first 16 countries are being shared in this blog post and we will continue to share 16 countries at a time. Follow our Expedition on Facebook to see how we are proceeding. If you are from one of the countries we are exploring and would like to send us a picture or any item from your country to be featured on our blog, please send us an email at

Encourage your children to find their very own Fun Fact about each country, something that they found really interesting which will help them to remember that country.

Try a Recipe from the country.

Share Item from your Travels (currency, postcard, pottery, etc) or . . .

Have your children create an original Artwork similar to the artwork from the country.

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Everything I make is completely free to use. I also accept and appreciate constructive criticism, if you find a flaw, please be gentle and let me know. ♥ If you get any good from it, give praise to our Creator and make du'as (prayers) for my family. . . 

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