Friday, February 27, 2015

The Name and The Named- 2nd 12

Jummah Mubarak! Happy Friday! ♥

We are excited to release the second set of the Name and the Named today. This set has many new items to help your child review the first 24 beautiful names of our Creator, the one God- Allah.

Every convert has a different story with a different reason for accepting Islam as their religion. My story centered around Allah, when I converted to Islam in 1998 I had been searching for God. Living in California, I had visited several new age churches, read the Bhagavad Gita & the Bible, and attended traditional & evangelical Christian churches. I was also doing several rosaries a day, asking the Mother of Isa (Jesus) to guide me... then a friend of mine who had just converted to Islam invited me to attend a Mosque with her on a Jummah (Friday). At the end of Jummah prayer, someone was taking their Shahadah (declaration of Faith) to become a Muslim. He repeated after the Imam "I believe there is one God and that is Allah, and Muhammad is His servant and messenger"

All that I heard was "I believe in ONE GOD- ALLAH" and I told my friend, I want to do what this man is doing- I want to join. She said "but wait, you don't know anything about Islam" However, I did know in My Heart that this is what I was searching for, the One God- Allah. Nevertheless, despite my friend's doubts of whether I was serious about accepting a religion on the first time walking into a Mosque that I had never studied in my life, she led me to the Imam to take my Shahadah on that Jummah Day.

He is the First and the Last, the Outward and the Inward, and the Knower of all things. Quran 57:3

It was meant to be, Allah is al-Hadi, the One who Guides. My father gave me a Muslim name- Kamilah Munirah at birth, yet never taught me anything about Islam. Both him and my mother had English names: James Michael and Theresa Annette. However, I grew up with a Muslim name that I knew nothing about, but would get teased repeatedly for it. I could never really appreciate my name even though I knew its Arabic meaning. Kamilah meaning the perfect one and Munirah meaning the one who enlightens. The sounds of children teasing me: Ka ka kameeeleaah, Gonzo's baby chicken from the Muppets played louder in my head, than any beautiful meaning. Similar to the story of "The Ugly Duckling" who was teased by the other ducklings for looking different than them. He did not realize that he was actually a beautiful swan until his body matured or until it was the right time~ when he was ready. It was after I became Muslim that I realized that Allah had guided my parents to give me this name, just as He guided me to Islam at the age of 22. Allah had been guiding me to Him all along. It was a name spoken in love as the poem by my deceased father goes. He wrote it before the day of my birth, March 1, 1976, the anniversary will be Sunday.
Kamilah- a name spoken in love, Kamilah- a name spoken with love, Kamilah- a name spoken for love

It all tells the story of the importance of Names and makes me remember the Creator of us all and the many names that people call Him by. Allah being the most perfect name, yet He has many beautiful other names, not just in Arabic, but in many different languages.
Call upon Allah, or call upon the Most Beneficent, by whatever name you call Him, for to Him belongs the Most Beautiful Names   Quran 17:110 

I became Muslim because I was searching for Allah, Allah wants us to learn about Him, He wants us to know Him, as Prophet Muhammad, salAllahu alaihi waSalaam said:
Allah was a Hidden Treasure, and then He wanted to be known, therefore, He Created this Cosmos.
Therefore, I created these cards to help my children and I learn~ know the Names of Allah. I wasn't satisfied with the cards that just had names on it, I wanted cards that gave us a way to apply his attributes in our life. The Name and the Named by Shaykh Tosun had wonderful applications within it. I also wanted worksheets and different methods to review the names, so I created a notebook that can be used with the cards.

Everything I make is completely free to use. I also accept and appreciate constructive criticism, if you find a flaw, please be gentle and let me know. ♥ If you get any good from it, give praise to our Creator and make du'as (prayers) for my family. . . and if you find any mistakes, pray for my forgiveness.

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