Sunday, November 16, 2014


I am starting to feel myself with this gluten-free baking. MashaAllah, I made some really yummy gluten-free biscuits and it was extremely easy.

Humble dad was home due a Federal holiday, and it was a beautiful sunny exceptionally warm Fall morning, so I decided to make a special breakfast for Humble Dad to eat on the deck. 

I was fasting so I didn't join them, Alhumdulilah, I sat back and enjoyed watching and taking pictures of the father-children breakfast bonding time that was happening in front of my eyes. 


Although, Azara had a gluten free waffle to eat, I felt bad because she couldn't eat the biscuits. . . So a couple of days later, I decided to make a plate of biscuits just for her using the same recipe with the exception of changing it out with Trader Joe's gluten free flour.


 . . . and she loves them!

We all love them.

Everything I make is completely free to use. I also accept and appreciate constructive criticism, if you find a flaw, please be gentle and let me know. ♥ If you get any good from it, give praise to our Creator and make du'as (prayers) for my family. . . and if you find any mistakes, pray for my forgiveness.
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