Friday, October 24, 2014

Introducing Asha, Sajid, Zahid & Azara

Please let me introduce my Beloved Children by their names: Asha aka Big A, Sajid aka S Man, Zahid aka Z Man, and Azara aka Lil A. Although, I am still quite protective . . . as they get older, I feel more comfortable with them knowing what to do when strangers approach them. Azara, forever my Lil A is not so little anymore as she reminds me :) and honestly I am trying to simplify things around here, which means now that you know their names, I don't have to edit the videos and their worksheets as much trying to hide them! . . . and inshaAllah some of our readers might want to pray for my Beloved children by their name.

All of my children were named by me, Humble Dad agreed to the names, but the names were my choice.

Asha is the way the Somalis pronounce "A'isha". No, I am not Somali, just an African American who wouldn't mind claiming it or any other country in Africa, as the most damaging part of slavery was being stolen from knowing our ancestry, our culture, and our language. Asha's name means "she who lives" or "alive", I chose this name because during my pregnancy I feared losing her as I had just previously had a miscarriage. MashaAllah, Asha has always lived up to her name and has been a big bundle of life. Academically, she has always excelled like Lady A'isha (ra) the wife of Prophet Muhammad (saw). She started reading at age 3, and she has worked hard ever since. Her gift, like my mother who is fluent in Italian and has learned some Spanish & German, is languages. First her own language being English, where she loves to write stories and read literature. And currently now she is studying Arabic and progressing very well.

Sajid was named after my favorite place to be: in Sujood  (head bowed to the ground) prostrating to my Lord. Especially, during my pregnancy with swollen feet and an aching back, being in Sujood provided a physical comfort. Sajid was an easy and relaxed baby, however about the age of 3 we noticed some delay in his speech and social behavior. By the time he was four, he was getting special services for speech delay. When he started Kindergarten the school wanted to give him a crutch, a poster board with pictures that they wanted him to point to since he was not talking outside of the home. I refused the crutch and he is one of my most talkative children today, see the video of him telling the story of Abu Bakr. It was also Sajid who asked me to homeschool him, to keep him out of school and after 1st grade he never returned. Sajid has always had a marvelous memory, almost photographic being able to recall things like many children with Aspergers. Sajid memorized all the presidents at the age of 5, the dates they were born and the dates they were president. We used to go around asking people what year were they born, so that Sajid could tell them who the president was when they were born. Like Humble Dad, his passion is still history and has read many books on American History, World History and Islamic History.

Zahid means Ascetic or someone who has mastered or is mastering spiritual discipline. Our last name Sayyidi also means master. Being a master over oneself, over one's' spiritual, emotional and physical self is a state that I want for myself and my children. I would read stories of people who were Ascetics like Rabi'a al-Adawiyya and longed for a time when I could spend my days and nights getting closer to Allah without worldly distractions. Zahid has not shown any signs of asceticism yet as he is my most social and worldly child. From the time he could walk, I knew that he was a ball player. He would pick up a stick and turn it into a baseball bat or a sword. However, he is not limited to baseball, Zahid is an all around athletic boy. Zahid also has a strong sense of fairness and compassion, he is a wonderful friend and has many of them. He is always the first to forgive and extend the olive leaf branch. Zahid's strongest academic subject is math and he loves to sell things. We grew tomatoes, he sold them . . .  I make pie, he wants to sell it . . . he makes a sword and tries to sell that too!

Azara pronounced Azhara like the Egyptian University means flower. She was named after Fatimah al Zahra (ra) the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw). I love how she is blossoming, just like a flower, each stage of Azara's life has shown new growth. She is full of determination, just like me . . . so much that I could not deny her, even if I tried. Determination is a nice way of saying strong willed, just in case you were wondering :) Being a natural leader is a wonderful trait, that just needs proper guidance and alot of patience! Like buying fresh flowers for my kitchen table, Azara brings so much beauty into my life. ♥

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  1. Subhanallah..beautiful children u have..May Allah bless these beautiful children with strong iman and love for Allah and their beautiful parents.

  2. Allahumma baraka lakum! May Allah guide them. ameen.
    Masha'Allah, great job you doing there, akthi l'azeeza <3

  3. Masha'Allah I am so amazed by their personality and upbringing


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