Sunday, March 10, 2013

Canada Country Study

We have been delving into Canada after our Road Trip to Canada.

Lakeshore Learning laminates for cheap 40 cents a foot?

I wanted to try something different, I call it a "Learning Mat" which is basically a cheap poster with interactive material that has been laminated. This Learning Mat of Canada has the names of the countries, capitals and flowers in different places on the mat, the child would use a wet erase marker to connect the correct fact to its country.

Of course, then you can use the learning mat to draw your own flowers like Lil A is doing, or animals from the country.

Lil A painted her Canadian flag.

Once the paint is already out for our school work, it easy to give our Beloveds a chance at free time with paint.

We have two different level study pages based on the Fundamental Needs of Human, which states that every human has fundamental needs. They are broken in two two categories- Spiritual and Material. As our bodies are made out of spirit and matter. When these two needs are not taken care of, we are off balanced. In the picture below Z Man is filling out how Canada balances spiritual and material need. He picks just one material need and he picked shelter, then he writes down all the different forms of shelters.

Here S Man and Big A fill out two forms of the country they are studying.

Two of Noor Janan's Free Canada Pritables to help reinforce what has been already learned.

Our Biography Study of someone from Canada was Terry Fox who teaches a lesson in perseverance.  Atlhough he died of cancer before completing it, he tried to make it across Canada on a mechanical leg to raise money and awareness about the disease. I can understand why he is a beloved hero of Canada.

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  1. I love these Printables! Lately, I have been trying to teach my children Geography, but I knew something was missing.I have been kinda putting together my own Unit study with Geography flash cards I bought. I have also been using the Internet to google info to read off and pictures to reinforce with. Plus, I found some neat free Geography games online ( ), Kids really love them!
    Anyways, Thanks again for sharing. I am sure these will help add to what we are doing. This really is a Great blog, I will definitely be a new follower of yours :)


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