Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning Sounds

Last year we introduced the ABC's of the Quran letter cards, this year we are going to use our letters to God Willing teach Lil A how to read.

As in the Sound of Music:
 We are going to start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you read you begin with ABC

Taking the cards that are nicely placed alphabetically in a divider, we lay them out alphabetically in the same way. Then we take the picture cards one by one and place them below the correct beginning sound, keeping our lines straight. The Control of Error is that the Letter cards are the same color as the Picture cards. The video of this is so cute, MashaAllah, Lil A gets very excited about her lines.

Once she has completed all of her lines she is able to review the sounds and write with a wet erase marker on the laminate. Although we are showing you the complete alphabet, I would advise that you only introduce three letter sounds at a time to not overwhelm your child.

If the child is still having difficulty with the sounds, you can do a three part Montessori lesson, which is a simple way to learn.

Step 1: This is ". . ." Step 2:  Point to  ". . .".   Can you put ". . . " on your nose? Put ". . ." on your head. Step 3: What is this?
So if you were teaching the letter E, Step 1: This is E. Step 2: Where is E, Point to E, Can you place the Letter E on your head? Step 3: What is this? (The correct answer from the child is E)


Just added the Mini Cards in Print and Dotted Font. The previous font is Montessori, some letters like G may be strange for the child in Montessori Font. So I am adding these to make it simple to laminate and use to trace.

SNEAK PEAK at what is coming Soon!

Matching Arabic Cards

Sight Word Mat

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