Friday, September 14, 2012

Islamic Education

These three videos on Islamic Education and what our goals should and shouldn't be are excellent.

Abdal Hakim Murad or Timothy Winters is on the faculty of Cambridge University in Britain and has been named one of the most influential Muslims. I just love him and have loved him for awhile now. Some of my favorite speeches by him can be found on Cambridge Khutbas. All recordings from this Great Scholar are free to listen to and to learn from. May Allah preserve him.

Science of the Soul (Fard Ain)

Science of the Body ( Fard Kifiyah)

3 Types of Knowledge
1) Sense Perception
2) Inductive through Reasoning
3) Reports and Revelation

Classical Ulum
Ulum Nakliyat- Revelation
1) Quran- Memorization & Recitation
2) Meaning of Quran- Tafsir
3) Hadith
4) Fiqh
5) Ilm ul Kalam- Islamic Theology
6) Nahw & Sarf- Arabic Grammar & Morphology
7) Other Linguistic Sciences- Prosody & Rhetoric
8) Literature & Adab (Well-Rounded Islamic Personality)
9) Tassawuf

Ulum Akliyat (Ottoman & Moguls)
1) Philosophy
2) Geometry
3) Astronomy
4) Medicine
4a) Botany
4a) Biology
5) Chemistry
6) Mathematics
7) Physics

The Essence of Islamic Education: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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