Friday, June 8, 2012

Patapsco Valley & Rocks State Parks

We are working through our Park Quest. We are learning so much, especially at Patapsco where we learned how to tie knots and pitch a shelter. The hikes are breathtaking especially at Rocks above the 190 foot rock outcrop.

At Patapsco they supplied a backpack full of items we would need on our hike.

Meeting up with a nice European family who were out for a Sunday Stroll.

Our Shelter

Some of our friends happened to be doing the same park quest at the same time, totally unplanned. . .
But Allah (God) is the Best of Planners.

At Rocks we had to do a crayon rubbing that spelled out Rocks. The view was marvelous!

The Alligator Rock was a wonder to see! How does it stand like that without falling?
The Waterfall is a drive North of the Park. It is not apart of Park Quest, but a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. When I realized we were the only African-American family or any family of color among 50 or more people, it made me think that many times this is the fact and I became very sad. More people of all nationalities should be out enjoying God's beautiful Earth.

Outdoor Afro is a great initiative just for that purpose!

Rocks and water is a great way to keep little ones busy and fun free!

Lil A walks barefoot and I walk in the next best thing!
My wonderful husband, humble dad bought me these Vibram Five Fingers.  I made a silly album of my hiking adventures and summer travels on facebook called "The Diary of the Travelling Foot Glove" Many people have liked this album and agree with me that going barefoot is the best, but the next best is these Vibram Five Fingers. No money has been given to me for this advertisement, I just love my shoes. ♥

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  1. Love it. The waterfall scene is like something out of a magazine/movie.

    1. I Love you, Humble Dad. Thank you for my Vibrams! and just being wonderful you!


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