Monday, November 28, 2011

B is for Brain

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Our brain is such an important part of our human body, I pray that I did it justice with trying to convey this to my Beloveds. When you have a great brain scientists like Dr. Benjamin Carson for inspiration, it is hard to not get excited about learning about this fascinating organ.
Dr. Benjamin Carson
First neurosurgeon to separate
conjoined twins.

Our local science museum has a nice interactive body exhibit with a huge brain in the middle that shows videos about the function of the brains.

I used file folders and felt to create a brain function puzzle. The colors of each part of the brain were chosen based on the available paper and felt in my home. I did not purchase anything new for this activity. A paper brain and labels is the control card. It can be flipped open to check the child's work. I glued felt to the background so that brain would not slide off and I made felt pockets for the cards. The cards are available free for download. I also share a website at the end where you can download a free paper brain puzzle.

For Lil A we worked on vocabulary and matching the parts of the brain.
A good way to start is to have your child match felt
pieces to the control card.

Lil A did an awesome job of reconstructing the brain.

Z Man and S Man constructed the brain from memory.

Many ways to use the card

More Brain Activities

The plan is to complete the body as we work through
ABC of the Quran, i.e  we will put on her heart
when we do H is for heart.

We also visited Vanderbilt University Brain Exhibit

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  1. I loved how in depth you went with this and all the different activities you all did. It's such a great feeling to see other moms homeschool with more than just a worksheet/book MashaAllah! I'm sharing your activity on the HMM page inshaAllah!!

    Way to go!!!

  2. Wow! What amazing activities - such a memorable unit study! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful printable and for the links to other resources as well. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  3. I absolutely love this post! I don't homeschool but we do a lot of fun education-based play activities. This is one I would definitely do with my children! I absolutely love the felt brain puzzle with function labels!

  4. Wow this was fabulous! I learned a lot just reading your activities! This was very inspiring!

  5. it is very helpful in study time.


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