Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Continents & Oceans of the World

Felt is a favorite homeschool item because it is cheap and easy way to recreate items on a budget. For example, Montessori world puzzles that range in price from $25 to $50 can be made for under $5 with felt.
That's exactly what we did here. It has served as a beautiful and nice alternative.

Use labels of the Continents and Oceans to reinforce vocabulary and spelling.
S Man insisted on cutting out many of the bigger islands, which he did all himself and placed on the map.

We also used ABCTeach's 3 part World map cards to help with the vocabulary. Download the folder to keep them in here.


  1. assalamualiaum..i love ttttthis puzzle..pls ell me whattt did u use as a ttttemplattte ttto cuttt outtt the contttttinentttts so happy i fffound ur blogg in time..i havvve 2 kids under age 4 :)

  2. Walaikum AsSalaam. MashaAllah. I lost the website when I lost my harddrive, but I finally was able to find it. I really like this website because you manipulate the map in Windows Paint:
    Others like to use this for the template:


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