Tuesday, February 3, 2015

al-Madina Institute

A wonderful local group that holds events in our area is al-Madina Institute. They have an annual conference coming up soon in Virginia which will feature some of the premier scholars of our time. We can not live in the past during the time of our Beloved Prophet and the Sahabah, or even in the time of some of the great scholars such Imam Ghazali and Imam Haddad. These Scholars we have now will also die one day which makes me sad to think about, so our family makes it a point to benefit and take advantage of all the opportunities that Allah opens to us. Yes, we are known to travel great distances to seek knowledge, one because I LOVE ♥ to travel, but two because we understand the value in it.

Zahid was able to sing a Qasida at this event. It really is good for our Beloveds to be in such company.

Register for the al-Madina Conference in Virginia, April 3-6, 2015 and send us an email that you will be there, so we can look out for you!

al-Madina Institute is part of our "Local Fave", see more of our local Faves, and inshaAllah it will inspire you to find your own where you are. ♥

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